The Pahlavi Hat | Iranian History

This is my great-grandfather Hessan and it is the only image I think ever existed of him. I just recently came to view it when my mother sent the picture on my phone. Probably she saw the photograph also for the first time. Who knows where she discovered it after all these years.

Looking at this picture I am again amazed how much we are the person we descend of. The son of my cousin who is the result of a unification of that man’s other great-grandchild and a grandchild is just the spitting image of him. (Don’t worry my cousin didn’t marry her uncle. My great-grandfather produced more than one offspring. The Iranian family… vast and complicated. It’s ok, then it was not frowned upon marrying family members as long as they were not too close.)

Now, I tried to make out the time this picture was shot and counting age and so I concluded first roughly that it must be around hundred years ago.

Fortunately the long years of history education at uni set in at time and I realized that I could estimate the time period via his clothes. As it is a headshot we can’t see very much of that. Fortunately he wears a very significant clothing piece on his head which is the hat, of course. I mean look at the photograph doesn’t the hat sit weirdly on this man living in a country which just had stopped called itself Persia after a thousands of years? A country right at the Middle East and in many ways still very medieval especially in its fashions.

Would you rather expect a turban or a fez like the Ottomans used to wear it? Maybe he would have worn a turban but no, he couldn’t. And just for information, he wasn’t a conductor though the hat looks like the one of a conductor.

During the 30s the Middle East was living through a very turmoiled period where governments tried to sustain their sovereignty before Western Powers. Just like the Japanese in the Meiji period they did it by adopting Western standards in education, style of politics, military tactics and also very important in fashion.

Partly the believe was in dictating new clothing habits they could form citizens after their wishes and also loosen the grip of religion which naturally had a lot of influence on the appearance of people.

In 1927 the government of Reza Shah ordered a special kind of hat for the Iranian men to wear. It is now known as the Pahlavi hat. The form was based on the french military hat, a cylindrical main shape and cap in the front.

In hindsight fashion wise a questionable decision which was made to set themselves apart from Turkey which had made the same step two years prior but at least Kemal Atatürk did have enough sense to go for the Panama or Fedora style. Bear in mind that through all the history of mankind wherever in the world headgear was always an important aspect of appearance. Be it for women or men, very seldom there was a culture where nothing was worn on the head. This has roots its in practicality, life was once much more outdoorsy. While now wearing a hat or cap has become optional and therefore lost importance for dignity and status of the wearer it is hard to understand why such a clothing piece was a state matter. If you look at it also interesting the fact that men were forced to wear a head cover while women were to remove theirs and go unveiled. All topsy-turvy in comparison to contemporary Iran.

The Pahlavi hat was highly unpopular as was the ban on women’s veiling but that is another story. So Reza Shah abducted it already by 1935 and opted instead for the more practical style Turkey had gone before.

So we have a very short time period when this hat was worn, therefore the image of my great-grandfather must be made in-between. The date of his birth is unknown, the date of his death, too. Knowing at least this much satisfies me more than enough. My father told me that it must have been made when he started military service. Another invention in the reign of Reza Shah. He introduced compulsory military service. And seemingly then a photograph of the novice was taken.

Bars In Cologne: Suderman

Barkeeper Suderman Bar Cologne Bar Köln Agnesviertel Sudermanplatz Cocktails retro mid century interieur style design chic ausgehen in Köln going out in cologne travel guide quality stylish drinks dj abends was tun Negroni

A cool bar space. Enough room to find a seat while still feeling cozy. Modern interior design but not too chic. Clean and not shabby. A place for a decent drink after work or on weekends when you actually don’t want to have a night out but still go out… This kind of bar I thought was missing in Cologne.

Not anymore!!! Look out for Continue reading

Quick And Tasty Pineapple Chicken Tikka Masala Curry Recipe

Butter Chicken Tikka Masala tweaked rice indian curry coconut cream milk homemade recipe bell pepper

Did you ever eat out at an Indian restaurant and didn’t find the food particularly tasty? That means lack of flavor, too greasy or other issues with it?

I know there are many great Indian food places in the UK or for sure in Berlin but I really do think that Cologne comes short. Although my friends always like it when we have Indian, Middle Eastern or Asian food outside. It could be that im very picky, ok, admit, I am picky. Still, the problem exists if curry (in Iran it would be khoresht) style foods don’t become cooked with lots of love and care they will easily taste bad. As I said before very often there are not much ingredients involved but the ones that are need to be of good quality and prepared non-hastily.

Well, here is a recipe for a curry that will blow your taste buds though I even cut a big amount of the fatty ingredients. Continue reading

Oskar Koller – Frühlingsstrauß

Frühlingstrauß Oskar Koller Aquarell akvarell Wasserfarbe Kunst Künstler Maler vibrant watercolor beautiful spring bouquet 90s art painting

The other day a delivery of greeting cards arrived at the Apricot Room and when I saw the vibrant colors of this one I had to take a picture immediately.

The motive is called ‘Frühlingsstrauß‘ and was painted by German artist Oskar Koller in 1999. It feels so contemporary, right?

Oskar Koller was born in 1925 in Erlangen and was also educated in graphic design which you can clearly see in his execution of form and color. His water color paintings are so vibrant and highly aesthetic yet free from any kind of please or kitsch though he very often chose to draw flowers. To paint with water color has not the best reputation as it is considered a beginner’s medium and very easy to perform. But you can reach very high artistic standards as for example Japanese 19th century artists have shown us before.

Oskar Koller died a few years ago and I couldn’t find out where the original Frühlingsstrauß is located though I stumbled upon other works which are available. They’re not especially super expensive, I mean still too much for me right now but if you’re willing to splurge… I always preach to invest in art and I think his works are pretty much worth it.

Foodora – Premium Delivery Service | A Burger & A Review

Menz Burger Köln Hamburger Fries Pommes Guacamole Review Kritik Beurteilung Gedanken Foodora Lieferservice Premium delivery app take out beef Köln Essen in Köln

I might have spent 16 Euros more wisely or more glamorous before. Was it good? Satisfying at least.

Since my visits in Egypt where practically every food place offers delivery I have missed being able to order anything that I have an urgent desire for and not only some dingy pizza directly from home.

This gap got recently closed by apps who offer an easy and safe process. There are several in Germany, the most popular is Foodora and stands out with a particular ugly pink corporate design and increasingly aggressive marketing.

I Installed the app once and threw it out of my phone right away because none of the places I would have liked to order from delivered to my quarter.

So then came yesterday.. I got hungry but was very lazy. Then I got even more hungry so much as in starving like literally having no power to raise and dress myself. Back the app I got and voilà this time around there were more options.

I picked Menz Burger located in Agnesviertel because they were new to me and advertised quality beef. And what’s better than a good rich burger and a big serving of fries on the side when you had nothing to eat all day?

The App use was like promised very convenient and payment went via Paypal. What annoyed me was not the delivery fee of 2,90 € though I think it is a little high but I would have tipped 2 bucks at least if I had eaten out and in the end payed the same. No, it was the minimum order value of 12 € which I failed to reach at 10 Cents. After desperately searching the options for a while I found the sauces section and added guacamole knowing that I would eat it together with all other that would come and feel very nauseous afterwards because of the high fat content. Anyway. The burger was quite good and I dived right into it. The fries could have been good but had been fried to long to survive the ride without becoming hard brick sticks.

Will I order again? I don’t think so. Even if it’s called premium delivery. There is just so much waste involved and you pay the same as if you had gone out. I can’t understand why there’s not much more effort in the presentation involved? Especially if you consider the price I paid for it. No, for that I will go to the actual restaurant and enjoy the china plate experience.

Kawaii – Contact Lenses Container Situation

Cherryblossomgirl lense container lense box japan kawaii sweet pretty bears

Aren’t these contact lenses containers to die for. So sweet and pastel. I found this picture on the Cherryblossomgirl blog who brought them once from Japan. I did a little research after my last short trip to Berlin where I wondered why lenses containers always have to be so outrageously unesthetic and straight functional.

Need an example? Here:

contact lense container box Kontaktlinsen Aufbewahrung deutschland europa

Now compare. This is the situation in Germany and I suppose the rest of Europe, too. Someone should tell Bausch&Lomb that this is a serious market gap. I want eye pleasing design even to the little things of everyday life!

Now, excuse me while I go and waste hours finding and stocking up on those kawaii lenses boxes on the internet.

Also happy Women’s Day y’all!!!

Berlin Apotheke Hackescher Markt

Deckengemälde Wandgemälde Rokoko Engel Angel ceiling painting fries rococo BerlinApotheke RotheApotheke historic Sehenswürdigkeit Hackeschen Markt Berlin Berlinguide travelling Germany Deutschland sightseeing insider off the beaten path

I am back from a wonderful and turbulent visit in Berlin. The way there I took the plane and wasn’t aware of a change on the rules for cabin baggage (again…seriously it’s so annoying) and had to throw away some of my stuff.

To restock I spontaneously went into a pharmacy at Hackescher Markt and standing inside I got instantly struck by a most intricate old world wood interior. Turns out this is Berlins oldest existing pharmacy also once called Rothe Apotheke dating way back to 1954.

Focal point of the inner structure is a beautiful Rococo painting on the ceiling in soft pastel tones depicting chubby little angels enjoying themselves in the sky as you see above. Don’t miss out on this site visiting Berlin though if you happen to need medicine or French pharmacy beauty products be aware that much of the stuff is more expensive than at less exposed locations.

Albalou Polou Recipe| Iranian Cooking

Albalou Polou Iranian cooking persian cooking rice with lamb and sour cherries saffron how to perfect crispy crust tahdig Schattenmorellen Lamm iranisch kochen persisch kochen safran food post recipe easy dinner pilow pazAlbalou Polou. A layered Iranian rice dish

Combining sweet’n sour with meat and serving it as main course for dinner is not a new concept. Germans have been doing it with game and lingonberries (see my beef-stew-lingonberry-homemade-spatzle recipe) since forever. But cooking this particular dish that calls for sour cherries and lamb was Continue reading

Amethyst Druzy Necklace | Jewelry Of The Day

Raw Amethyst Druzy Necklace crystal gem gold jewelry schmuck fashion jewelry Apricot Room top bun half bun cashmere burgundy jumper massimo dutti Adriano Goldschmid boyfriend denim long hair Köln Cologne

I’ve been test wearing this raw amethyst necklace all day long. It’s just too beautiful, really. Raw crystals in combination with gold are definitely to die for and among my favorite jewelry.

In the past I had difficulties finding druzies were the metal hardware matched my aesthetic standards and wouldn’t look too much DIY. Though these are very easy to make by yourself.

Amethyst DIY crystal gold alchemy jewelry gem gemstone

I love the necklace! It’s not very expensive (59 € by Apricot Room) but I feel like I am spending just too much on these little things these days… oh my conscience! I should be saving for the great vacations I  plan this year.

// Wearing Massimo Dutti mens cashmere sweater, AG boyfriend denim, COS alpaca knit and big agate pearls on my wrist // 2nd image by Amanda Kingloff for etsy blog. A great DIY post for self made crystals.