Mitbringsel – What I Bought In Istanbul

My trip to Istanbul has been a few weeks ago but memories are still vivid and I will make a post series about the city, sharing my experiences and reminisce about summer.

At first lets start with the few material things I took back to Germany. I will delve deeper into each product in the follow-up posts but for now just a quick overview.

lay flat layflat layflatthenation Türkei Mitbringsel - Mango leather shorts hammam towel gluten free biscuits urban decay primer bershka shirtYou see from left to right gluten-free lady fingers, an original hammam towel and a raw silk/cashmere scarf from the same manufacturer, shirt from Bershka, genuine leather shorts from Mango, Urban Decay face primer and that tiny thing above is a silver ring with mini turquoise gem stones set in.

That’s all! You see, I am usually not the big shopper while on travel. I don’t see the point of buying stuff that I can easily get at home, too. Though I still love handcrafted items* and will hold my eyes open if I can spot at least one not too heavy souvenir. From many travels I have come back empty-handed with treasures only kept in my head. To have bought that much things at this vacation is actually an enormous spree when I come to think about it! And hold yourself, I even had presents for two of my friends! Wooha, introducing new habits here.lay flat layflat layflatthenation Türkei Mitbringsel - Mango leather shorts hammam towel gluten free biscuits urban decay primer bershka shirtlay flat layflat layflatthenation Türkei Mitbringsel - Mango leather shorts hammam towel gluten free biscuits urban decay primer bershka shirt

* Yes, I know there are high street clothes in the pic, totally opposite of ethnic. I just grabbed the opportunity for cool clothes and a highly favorable exchange rate for my money.

Andy Kassier And His Secret To Success

sea meer drone Drohne photography Andy Kassier Palms suit Miami Vice High Fashion editorial mustache hipster My friend Andy Kassier is a terribly gifted photographer and artist. Recently he showed his installation ‘The secret to my success’ at local vintage clothing shop Vintage Emde and I posted about it on Spook.Andy Kassier Palms suit Miami Vice High Fashion editorial mustache hipster

In the article I also featured some of his regular images which are awesomely high scale and show him as a spoiled new money rich kid. All of his pics sport some serious fashion editorial vibe revealing his background as a classically trained photographer. Though Andy never forgets to put the subtle irony into his show off images transforming the pics into deeply thoughtful pieces that make you also dream.

Head over to Spook to see more of his great work and read my article in German.Marmor Buch Andy Kassier Photography Secret to my success Vintage Emde

And here some of my phone pics, showing us goofing around a little.

Maskenwand Andy Kassier photography Finissage Kunst Köln Andy Kassier Recamiere Secret to my success Vintage Emde 2 Andy Kassier Recamiere Secret to my success Vintage Emde Andy Kassier Recamiere Secret to my success Vintage Emde

Ace & Tate Cologne Pop-Up + Stefan Marx

interior ace&tate pop up Köln Cologne Stefan Marx watermelon Wassermelone displayDanish glasses brand Ace & Tate just launched their newest pop-up store in Cologne. I took the chance to check out their designs and attended the (pre*)opening at Pop;68.

Ace & Tate have taken over the gallery rooms for the time of their pop-up’s being but did not ditch the art. In fact with each store this brand assumes a close cooperation with an artist.

niginbeckIn Hamburg their choice fell on Nigin Beck whose Iranian inspired art is very lovable and for Cologne it became Stefan Marx. He created some great summery watermelon pastels which went on to become wall paper at the store. If you happen to visit, the contrast between the bright interior and the black and teal exterior walls will wow you deeply and surely lure you the more inside.

opening chelafe aceandtate köln popup opening crowd ace and tate popup opening Maja Wyh ace and tate popuppop68 ace and tate popup mixologist vodka maracuja  ace&tate pop up Köln Cologne Stefan Marx Sharareh opening aceandtate popup Cologne Köln mandkvinde mandkvinde ace&tate pop up Köln Cologne Stefan Marx

*The preopening two weeks ago was nice, too. A little less crowded so you could chat with everyone and play around more. They even brought along Sushi, a sweet dog which in some way has become a mascot for the Ace&Tate people.

sushi mascot reopening ace and tate cologne köln pop;68aceandtatepreopening shararehaceandtate preopening murat backview sören the locals preopening ace and tate cologne köln pop;68 annabannana nils gemma

Photo credit: images 3,4,5,8 Ace&Tate // GIF by Nigin Beck // all other images by me

Unintentional Beauty

Chinesischer Porzellanteller mit Wasserfarben Flecken watercolor stains on china porcellanEach time I paint I do fall in love with the plate I used to mix my colors in. These random spots coming together in a pattern I never would have thought of putting together.

Art happening where I did not intended it to. When I paint with oil I use a coated paper plate which I then keep. But with watercolor my preferred carrier is china and this I need to wash and reuse. So hard, every time! So much it takes me some time where the plate sits on my desk, for me to look at it until it’s all dusty and I can bear to wash the whole surface down the drain.

This one is still there…

Jedes Mal, wenn ich male verliebe ich mich in den Teller auf dem ich meine Farben gemischt habe. Diese zufälligen Flecken ergeben immer ein wunderschönes Muster und eine Farbkombination besser als ich es hätte mit Absicht erschaffen können.

Selbstschaffende Kunst! Bei einem Bild in Öl nutze ich einen beschichteten Papierteller, den ich im Anschluss immer behalte, aber für Wasserfarben brauche ich Porzellan. Das im Anschluss natürlich gewaschen werden muss, damit ich es wieder benutzen kann. Das fällt mir so schwer, dass ich erst eine Zeit abwarte, bis ich mich an den Klecksen satt gesehen habe und eine Staubschicht eh alle Schönheit verbirgt. Dann spüle ich endlich die Oberfläche den Abfluss hinunter.

Aber dieser Teller hier ist noch da…

Flower Overpower // Public Art Cologne

Grayish postwar architecture determines the cityscape of Cologne. A few of these modernist blocks acquired some charm with time but many managed becoming even more ugly. To the fugliest of these ugliest belong parking buildings… never seen a pretty one.

As it happens I came by a particular parking building in the city center around summer last year and got blown away by vibrant colors inside a display attached to the façade. A really huge pile of the most beautiful flowers had been put behind its window which usually would have contained advertisement. But due to a lack of advertisers artists had decided to use this free space as a public gallery. And in fact there was a whole row of displays full of works from various artists but I only had eyes for the flowery one.

Kunst Schaufenster Köln Blumen

See!!! in the face of nature everything manmade diminishes. An artist just dumped a huge pile of flowers behind some glass and managed to overpower the works of everyone else who I am pretty sure made a whole lot more effort.

Kunst Schaufenster Köln Blumen Vollansicht Kopie

Some days later everything had wilted and nothing of the former beauty prolonged anymore. The artist’s intention undetectable for the passenger who would see the remnants only in this state.

At current Conti-Parkhaus is under construction. I don’t remember seeing any names but I am curious if the displays will come back when measures have completed. Meanwhile we can distract ourselves with a similar project at Ebertplatz metro station. Under the name Schaufenstern the Come-Together-Projekt has something similar going on.

Johannes Post 'Hel' Come Together Project Ebertplatz Schaufenstern Köln Kunst Art Photography
Johannes Post ‘Hel

Karl Lagerfeld – Modemethode

I like fashion to be part of daily life Karl Lagerfeld Modemethode Bonn Bundeskunsthalle  QuoteFor German Spook I wrote an opinionated view on the current exhibition Modemethode in Bonn. I translated it in English for those of you interested. The pics you see here are from my personal Instagram, head over to Spook for more photographs, search for #Modemethode on Instagram or click on the links provided . German museums are very strict with images so this is the way to go.

As a controversial figure Karl Lagerfeld raises opinions as contrasting as his favorite colors black and white. Sometimes I even get the feeling the win is for his opponents, going strong against him with calls to retire.

But why should Karl Lagerfeld leave the fashion stage? Looking at the recently opened exhibition Karl Lagerfeld – Modemethode at Bonn Bundeskunsthalle here in Germany proof is that he’s still at heights.

The exhibition Modemethode focuses on Karl Lagerfelds work not on himself. All praise is left for the exhibition catalog, a Vogue special, singly released for this show. Finally a Vogue where you don’t have to fight through 200 pages of ads until you reach the first content!Vogue Special Titel Modemethode exhibition Karl Lagerfeld Chanel Haute Couture Pret-a-porter

Karl Lagerfeld sent his best people to make this exhibition work while not partaking himself as he is known to refrain from too much self obsession.

A look on Karl Lagerfelds central workstation at the beginning

The exhibition houses three main parts. At first the visitor enters through a lofty room with only one exhibit. This is Karl Lagerfelds main workstation, his personal desk, lent for Modemethode and completely covered with drawing paraphernalia and books. Most of the books are illustrated art volumes. A little hint that even a forward designer like Karl Lagerfeld who never looses himself in sentimental nostalgia, still seeks to understand the creative past of mankind. The human mind sublimes ideas from what he sees and everything is a further enhancement of existing shapes.

„I like fashion to be part of daily life“

From that revelation the visitor will be led onto the next. Located right before the central exhibition part is a darkened space with one enlightening message floating bright above the visitors head. A democratic credo from Karl Lagerfeld pro fashion. His vision for it as part of daily life which actually everybody should take to heart. Being prepared like this the visitor can now proceed and take a look at Karl Lagerfelds sketches and out coming creations.

What follows is not a documentation of Karl Lagerfeld’s complete works. For that all the space and money of Bundeskunsthalle would have not been enough, but a well selection of his most significant works in fashion. Karl Lagerfeld’s name is mostly connected with Chanel, Fendi, Chloé and of course his own line Karl Lagerfeld. Still the very first garment to be seen is the yellow coatdress which won him a price at the International Wool Secretariat now more than over 60 years ago and started his career being hired by Balmain immediately afterwards.

Curator and muse of Karl Lagerfeld, Amanda Harlech, limited the exhibition on High Fashion thus excluding collaborations with the likes of H&M, milestone in fashion history and maybe standing strongest for the fashion democrat Karl Lagerfeld. Why then, I ask myself, that down to earth quote beforehand?

In Modemethode garments, accessories, illustrations and ad campaign bits get exhibited

The allover conceptual design is held low-key while still saving a refined playfulness. Every element of presentation, be it small or covering whole walls, does not merely serve decorative means but is also fitted with iconographic virtues like the paper fans draped around the mannequins at Chloé, a nod to Karl Lagerfelds phase where he was never seen without one. Everything is backed up by fine sounds of instrumental music, put together by Michel Gaubert, responsible for sound design on runways at Chanel, Fendi, Chloé and Dior.

One by one the brands are introduced to the visitor. There is no chronological order just thematic which I like. Each brand accompanied by its associated image campaign though the posters get a little swallowed by the brutalist style printed wall papers.

Antiminimalism at Fendi

The selection at Fendi, I recall mostly from the 90s and early 00s, comes a little random across. Some dresses are really pretty like a completely pleated, black, Edwardian style evening dress or an opalescent space mini partly made of plastic. Then there are others which definitely didn’t stand time. The fabrics seem heavy and bulky though it’s always stated that Fendi then had a renaissance by becoming lighter, having an elaborate interior and getting Karl as a renovator. Well minimalism is big again and I am deeply imprinted with Helmut Lang and Raf Simons chic, representatives of a style whom Fendi opposed in the 90s with Italian opulence… so my spoiled eye couldn’t detect either lightness and nor a golden thread.

In the Vogue Special interview Lady Harlech says that she curated the selection after her own aesthetic preferences, proof that she is highly able comes right at the following brands. At Chloé creations of exceptional romantic beauty and elegance catch the eye.

The French are beyond competition in their art of Couture and archival storage

The exhibition Modemethode is not only a view on Karl Lagerfelds designs but also documents the capabilities of couture craftsmanship. At Chloé the flowy 70’s dresses are so unbelievably delicate and airy as if they just came out of a dressmakers atelier. Same on the later Art Deco inspired black dresses each of them would absolutely wearable today.

Not much insight is given to the actual design process as the exhibition works this out on a more suggestive mode. It wants you to explore for yourself by giving the opportunity to step close to the pieces and even to look inside them. Personally I would have liked to see also some original illustrations of Karl Lagerfeld and not only copies.

Walls of bags and shoes 

In todays standards accessories mark an important part of a brands DNA. Workhorses in a brands income value and often containing brand building iconography, they’re displayed here on the walls of Modemethode. The famous Fendi-Baguette, may this one not make a comeback, no matter how hard the brand tries, is showcased a few times though actually invented by Silvia Fendi and not Karl Lagerfeld. I got more happy at the more sophisticated playfulness at Chanel. Here they were, the Lego Clutch, the shopping basket and easily overlooked in the higher ranks the mean gun heels. Also don’t forget to take a look at the buttons in the Chanel section, they’re so intricate and fun.

From prêt-à-porter to the Paper World haute couture

In the last section waits a true treat of gown making for the visitor. Hidden behind a wall of illustrated notebooks he steps from the grey street world into a white luminated space full of Chanels most legendary haute couture. Best showpieces have been put together here and become presented underneath a filigree vaulted roof made of paper cuts. It’s pillars symbolically growing out of stacks of fine sketching paper provided by the manufacturer Gmund.Paperworld Vogue Special Modemethode Wanda Barcelona Papiermanufaktur Gmund Gewölbe Vogue Special

Absolute highlights in this area are definitely a full on feathery wedding dress worn by Lindsey Wixson on the A/W 2012 runway show and another wedding dress for last years autumn collection entirely made of neoprene!!! It has a truly fabulous cut, a regal, gold-embroidered train and could be made for a byzantine empress. If the former queen of Iran Farah Diba had the opportunity to have a look on it, I bet she regretted once more having lost her status and rank.Ashleigh Good Chanel Neopren Dress Fall 2014 pregnancy wedding dress maternity clothing haute couture regal white Karl Lagerfeld Chanel Paris

Chanel bridal dress Hochzeitskleid Haute Couture Karl Lagerfeld 2012 feather Lindsey WixsonModemethode – despite its technical term by the Bundeskunsthalle Bonn is actually more an arty conceptualization and can dearly compete with the big fashion exhibitors of New York’s MET Costume Institute or London’s Victoria & Albert.

// Open till September 13. 2015 // Chanel bridal images from jolie Germany.

As I said this article expresses my personal view. Feel free to disagree and comment about it.

2 Staples Against Dry Skin

Do you have dry body skin? While many people suffer from an oily face, draught and desert seem more the case on the skin south of the neck.

I understand that, as the long, cold winter with radiators running strong combined with hot showers to feel heated up at least once a day wreaked havoc on my skin, too.

Aaaah the hot showers… now come spring I am still addicted to them. What is there to say, nothing more pleasant than a hot tub of water at home!

Though actually the human skin doesn’t like to be heated above its own temperature. And that’s not all,  more than 5 minutes in and you’ll lose protective fats and proteins even if you don’t use any soap or detergent. All down the drain once you’ll pull the plug. Enough? Not yet, you’re still about to receive the final hit with hard water which is especially common in big cities. Also remember the hotter the water, the more mineral solvent it becomes therefore it gets even harder than it already is.

Showering in less than 5 minutes…how is that even possible?! So damage control it is. There is no topical care in the world which will replace what you’re body usually builds up, be it high-end, drugstore or medical. This I learned the hard way.

Luckily, after lots of trial and errors I have come across a few products which are not a complete waste of money. One of them is Avène’s Trixéra+ Cream. It is pretty emollient and made for super sensitive skin. A sweet friend of mine asked me if I know anything that will help her skin and I immediately thought of this and wanted it to share with my readers, too. The tube lasted me about a month of frequent use but fortunately it’s not too expensive.

Eau Thermale Avène Trixéra+ selectiose Emollient Cream 200 ml against dry skin peaux sensibles Melkfett Vitamin E Ringelblumen trockene Haut

You can save money when you want to take care of your elbows. Just use simple bag balm. It’s basically vaseline but the ones with calendula and Vitamin E added are really nice.

These two together make a good tag-team and I hope they’ll help you, too.

Vor einigen Tagen fragte mich eine Freundin, ob ich einen Pflegetipp für ihre vom harten Wasser ausgetrocknete Haut hätte. 

Das Problem kenne ich nur zu gut, ist kalkiges Wasser doch in Städten weit verbreitet. Dazu kommt noch, dass ich es liebe superheiß zu duschen… sehr schlecht für die Haut. Eine Creme gegen die Effekte ausgesprochener Duschorgien zu finden, ist nicht einfach. Ein Arsenal nutzloser Bodylotions in meinen Schubladen kann dies bezeugen. Aber die Frage meiner Freundin kommt genau im richtigen Moment, denn gerade geht mir eine Tube zu Ende, die hält, was sie verspricht. Halleluja. 

Die Avène Trixéra+ Creme ist schön reichhaltig und für sensible Haut gemacht. Einen Monat ausgiebiger Verwendung hat sie durchgehalten, aber zum Glück ist ihr Preis vertretbar. Sparen kann ich dafür an meinen Ellbogen. Da hält simples Melkfett vor, am besten, die mit Ringelblumenauszügen. Melkfett ist im Prinzip Vaseline, aber mit ein paar zusätzlich pflegenden Stoffen versehen. Genial auf den Lippen, wenn ihr nicht alle fünf Minuten euren Labello rauskramen wollt.

$40 Million Scratches on Swifty // Spook Magazine

Taylor Swift injury Leg Scratch Kratzer cat Katze Versicherung Verletzung

(All images via Instagram/TaylorSwift)

These are Taylor Swift’s legs and Emma Marie Jones is so right about their level of gorgeous. Last week above scratch incident happened, I suppose alleged crime suspect is this one here:

Taylor Swift injury Leg Scratch Kratzer cat Katze Versicherung Verletzung

Jaja, I know that type disguising under an aura of über-cuteness but on the next shot the predator inside is clearly to be seen:

Instant replay of that interception:

A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Emma Marie Jones wrote her fun article about body parts insuring of celebrities before Taylor Swift’s cat attacked her. I translated it for Spook Magazine Germany. Check it out!
Taylor Swift injury Leg Scratch Kratzer cat Katze Versicherung VerletzungFür Spook Magazine Deutschland habe ich Emma Marie Jones Artikel über Körperteil-Versicherungen von Celebrities übersetzt. Checkt ihn aus.

Haft Sin Collection by Hozan Zangana // Happy Nowruz

Haftsin nowruz Iran Tabriz New YearHappy Nowruz everyone!

That’s the Haft Sin at my aunt’s house in Tabriz. I think it is soooo pretty.

How much I had wished for more time and space so that I could have my own Haft Sin table. Maybe next year…

And as much I love these traditional versions, I think I am more a type of this one here by Hozan Zangana:

Nowruz Haft Sin Collection by Hozan Zangana white ceramicsWhat a minimalistic design in white ceramics and this in contrast to the dark vibe of the model. I am so amazed. I have never seen a Haft Sin like this as Iranians are usually more into embellishment and opulence. The designer Hozan Zangana originally stems from Iran maybe that’s why he is so daring to put something such simple out.

What do you think? Should Iranians go also the more sleek route like everyone else? Or stay true to our sense of horror vacui?

// Credits: Header pic by my lovely cousin Shima from Tabriz, Haft Sin collection by Hozan Zangana

Tanzfaktur // Meet Performer Karoline Strys // Artists to Watch out

Karoline Strys Tanzfaktur gemeinsam inkubator performance dance kunst art Köln cologne

Meet my sweet and beautiful friend Karoline Strys.

Dance performances can sometimes be quite disturbing. The ones I’ve seen in the past have been for sure but that’s just Germany. I am always very thankful when there’s no incoherent talking thrown in.

I watched a piece of her at 15 Minuten Festival some time ago and it was calm and powerful at the same time. There is something about modern dance which I think fits very well into our modern times. The fluent unusual movements reflect life perfectly and manage to touch the inner walls of my hardened heart.

So have a look at her personal Vimeo or see her as one of the dancers in EuphOria at Odonien, a piece from last year.

Right now she is in Residenz with Maria Golding and Salim Benmammar. There will be showings today and tomorrow at Tanzfaktur with a bunch of other performance artists.  This is all part of Inkubator were young artists  take over all space at Tanzfaktur for a few weeks and turn it into an idea laboratory.

Also tomorrow, a workshop Mit-einANDER at 4.30 pm free for anybody who’s interested.

Morgen findet in der Tanzfaktur Köln für alle Performance Interessierten ein Workshop Mit-einANDER mit Karoline Strys, Maria Golding and Salim Benmammar um 16.30 statt.

Zusammen hängt der Workshop mit dem Inkubator Konzept, ein Auszug aus der Tanzfaktur Facebook Seite:

Während der zweiwöchigen Residenz INKUBATOR beleben acht junge Tanzschaffende aus Köln, Essen und Hamburg die Räumen der TanzFaktur. Seit Montag werden alle Räume zu Laboratorien, in Studios und auf der Bühne, im Souterrain und im Foyer werden Ideen und Fragestellungen entwickelt, ausprobiert, oder auch wieder verworfen. In gemeinsamen Morgen-Warmups führen einzelne Künstler*innen die Gruppe in ihre Arbeitsmethoden ein, in Feedback-Runden wird der Stand der Dinge reflektiert, beim gemeinsamen Lunch geplaudert. Dabei schaut das Team der TanzFaktur gerne über die Schulter, stellt Fragen oder versucht selbst Antworten und Impulse für die Teilnehmenden zu finden.
Die kollektive Arbeit und der Wunsch, Recherchen, Erfahrungen und Methoden zu teilen und zu vermitteln stehen dabei im Vordergrund. Am Ende der zwei Wochen steht ein erstes Showing – wir sind gespannt, was uns erwartet.

Credits: header pic from here

Quote Monday

everyone seems normal until you get to know themThe web says this quote is attributed to the controversial canadian cartoonist Dave Sim.

I would rather say this is common knowledge. Words we have to recall again and again so we don’t get caught up in the daily madness.

Jeder scheint normal, bis du ihn kennenlernst.

Nach einem Schnellcheck sagt mir das Web, dieses Zitat käme vom kontroversen, kanadischen Cartoonisten Dave Sim.

Ich ziehe es vor diese Worte in die Kategorie Allgemeinwissen einzustufen. Die Aussage ist beinah’ obsolet und doch müssen wir sie uns im Kampf gegen den täglichen Wahnsinn ständig vor Augen halten.

Treasure Planet


Morph Schatzplanet Treasure Planet Fanfiction Peter Rustemeyer

Some time ago we rewatched the animated movie Treasure Planet. It is such a sweet film and really different from regular Disney animations.

The whole setting takes places in some historic science fiction world and is designed very lovingly.

Though what really caught my eye was the sweet little sidekick Morph. ‘A tiny pink blob of space goo’ Oh my! This description alone is full cuteness overload.

On my request my friend Peter Rustemeyer created a drawing of itsy bitsy Morph.

Vor einer Weile haben wir uns mal wieder den Zeichentrickfilm Schatzplanet angesehen. Ein so süßer Film und ganz anders als die regulären Produktionen aus der Disneyschmiede.

Das ganze Szenario findet in einer historisch anmutenden Science Fiction Welt statt und ist sehr liebevoll gestaltet.

Besonders niedlich fand ich da die kleine, süße Figur des Morph, der sozusagen einen Klecks Weltraumglibber mit Wandlerfähigkeiten darstellt. 

Auf meine Anfrage hin hat Peter Rustemeyer mir darauf hin eine Zeichnung von dem kleinen Glibberflatschen gemalt. Ich sag’s nochmal: süüüüüüß! 

Morph Pie Jim Disney Gif Treasure Planet Schatzplanet

Mein Favorit für die Oscar Nacht 2015 und wie man einen Courtesan Au Chocolat backt // video link

For the English version of this article click here.

The Grand Budapest Hotel Gif Zahnradbahn film movie Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson produziert einen wunderbaren Filmhit nach dem anderen. Alle sind alleine in ihrer Farbgebung schon so gestaltet, dass ihr Kultstatus schon bei der Veröffentlichung feststeht. Da einen Liebling auszuwählen…schwierig.

The Grand Budapest Hotel Lobb Boy Page Ralph Fiennes Concierge Wes Anderson

Lobby Boy The Grand Budapest Hotel Wes Anderson Page Tony Revolori

Sein letzter Film sticht jedoch in seiner Gestaltung noch mehr heraus als die vorherigen Produktionen. Nicht, dass sich Herr Anderson nicht immer schon äußerste, detailverliebte Mühe gegeben hätte, wofür ich ihn sehr verehre.

The Grand Budapest Hotel front still snow gif zubrowka wes anderson film movie rose

Funicular Lobby boy The Grand Budapest Hotel Wes Anderson film Görlitz

Aber in diesem Film sind endlich alle Harmonien der Vorstellungswelt von Wes Anderson zu einer perfekten Komposition zusammen gekommen und bieten ein pittoreskes Superlativ visueller Ästhetik. Alleine schon deswegen ist The Grand Budapest Hotel zumindest mein liebster Film des letzten Jahres, und zurecht hat er bereits haufenweise Preise eingeheimst und ist jetzt in allen möglichen Kategorien der Oscars nominiert. Ich hoffe sehr, dass er heute ordentlich abräumt. Noch etwas Oscar Publicity wäre diesem Film und seinem Team auf jeden Fall zu gönnen.

Für die Verwirklichung dieser Vision ist Herr Anderson nach Deutschland gekommen. Das is nicht verwunderlich, denn Görlitz bietet den passenden Schauplatz, und die deutschen Filmstiftungen haben Tonnen an Geld zur Verfügung. Dies verschwenden sie nicht gerne für einheimische Projekte, wie mir scheint… Um so lieber wird in erfolgversprechende amerikanische Kunstfilmregisseure investiert. Also wurde einiges an hiesigem Orchideenhandwerk aufgefahren, um dem Film Schönheit und Substanz zu verleihen. Das Schöne ist, dass die Macher uns teilhaben lassen wollen an all ihrer aufgewendeten harten Arbeit, und eine Reihe an tollem Behind the Scenes Material herausgegeben haben.

Die Featurettes und Artikel sind auf Youtube und sonst im Web verteilt, damit ihr dort nicht ewig suchen müsst, habe ich euch eine Auswahl zusammenkuratiert. Alle auf Englisch. Lehnt euch schön sonntäglich zurück und enjoy!

Dieses Video ist mein Favorit. Ich meine, wie unglaublich toll ist das denn, ein so liebevolles Backvideo zu der Süßspeise Courtesan au Chocolat aus dem Film zu drehen? Und auch noch im selben, ansprechenden Stil? Ich bin völlig hin und weg vom hübschen rosa Design um die Mendl Patisserie. Es ist so vollständig, dass sie wirklich existieren könnte! Die Farben, eigenen Vehikel und ein Origami Verpackungsdesign, das sehr viel Zeit für die Entwicklung gebraucht hat, und dessen Funktionsweise nicht vollständig enthüllt wird (wie der künstlerische Leiter Adam Stockhausen in diesem Interview auch andeutet).

Und jetzt eine süßes Video mit dem fantastischen Bill Murray in Görlitz, der Stadt, in der der Film gedreht wurde:

Seine Rolle im Film ist nicht so groß, aber wichtig. Etwas Hintergrundinformation, weshalb das so ist:

Zwischendurch ein kleiner Einblick in die Dreharbeiten mit Miniatursets:

Visuelle und künstlerische Inspiration kam auch von alten Hollywood Filmen, im Speziellem dem Schaffen von Ernst Lubitsch:

In diesem privaten Video kann man die Arbeit der Miniaturbauer sehen:

Wes Andersons Fixierung auf die Zentralperspektive.

Hier noch ein Interview mit dem Schöpfer der großformatigen Bildwerke für den Film.

Die Oscars werden in Deutschland live im Fernsehen übertragen, aber der Zeitunterschied macht es fast unmöglich so lang auf zu bleiben. Ich werde mir morgen definitiv nur die Zusammenfassung anschauen. Wie schaut’s mit euch aus? Bleibt irgendwer wach?

// edit: Ich habe doch einen Artikel über das Geheimnis hinter den Mendl Verpackungen gefunden. Mit aufklärenden Zitaten von Adam Stockhausen.

My Pick For The Oscar Night 2015 And Featurette How To Make A Courtesan Au Chocolat

Für die deutsche Version dieses Artikels klicke hier.

The Grand Budapest Hotel Gif Zahnradbahn film movie Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson produces one wonderful film hit after another and each of them quickly gains cult status. Already on their release the used color schemes serve as good omen to the classic they’ll become. Choosing a favorite among his work…difficult.

The Grand Budapest Hotel Lobb Boy Page Ralph Fiennes Concierge Wes Anderson

Lobby Boy The Grand Budapest Hotel Wes Anderson Page Tony Revolori

Though I really have to say his last film visually sets itself so much apart. Not that Mr. Anderson usually doesn’t make a huge effort in his adorable detail work for which I admire him fervently.

The Grand Budapest Hotel front still snow gif zubrowka wes anderson film movie rose

Funicular Lobby boy The Grand Budapest Hotel Wes Anderson film Görlitz

But in this movie all aspects of Mr. Anderson’s broad mind finally come together in a perfect composition and build a picturesque superlative of visual aesthetics. The aesthetics alone besides the beautifully composed artwork of this movie delivered enough to make The Grand Budapest Hotel my favorite movie of last year. So it has already and rightfully scored a bunch of awards and is now nominated in an impressive amount of categories for the Oscars tonight. I will press all my thumbs (a German expression… Daumen drücken… we say that when we wish good luck) that it will sweep the boards.

For the realization of The Grand Budapest Hotel Mr. Anderson came to Germany then. I mean, of course he did! Only here on the borders to nowhere you still can find cities like Görlitz, the perfect setting for the film, and in Germany we do have powerful film funding organizations. Turning our heads to German cinema and actors it seems these funds hold their money tight but noooooo, dear readers. German film funding has always been very happy to sponsor American film making. Which is very fortunate in the case of Wes Anderson. A talented outlandish art film director who surely delivers a promising success won’t get shunned by our German film financiers. Local craft workers were very happy about that, too and helped create the detailed sets. The good thing is that the creators released a lot of additional promotion material in which the viewer gets a glimpse at how much went behind. I enjoyed watching them and curated a round up below so you don’t have to search through Youtube.


That first video is my favorite. I mean how incredible is that! A whole how to for those adorable little Courtesan au Chocolat. I am completely smitten with the Mendl patissery, it’s sweet pink design, pretty logo, artisanal bakery. They even have matching driving vehicles for delivery. It’s artwork is so complete as if Mendl really would do exist. Art director Adam Stockhausen reveals in this interview it took a long time to nail the origami cardboard packaging of the Mendl boxes. (Here he tells the secret behind)

I’ll follow that by Bill Murray and him stomping around Görlitz:

His role is not that big but important:

In-between a glimpse into the work with miniature sets.

Visual and artistic inspiration was also derived from Old Hollywood. Specifically of director Ernst Lubitsch:

Here is more privately shot video where we can see the actual work of the miniature set builders:

Read about Wes Andersons obsession with centering.

And here an Interview with the creator of the large-scale paintings that got used for some of the sets.

The Oscars get broadcasted here but the time difference would make me stay up all night. So only watching the highlights tomorrow for me then. What about you? Staying awake?

Liebster Award // German and English Post

Meine Freundin Laura vom tollen Food-Blog unter dem Pflaumenbaum hat mich vor einer Weile für den Liebster-Award nominiert. Das ist ein Frage-Antwort Spiel um etwas Augenmerk auf Newcomer Blogger zu lenken.

Liebe Laura, vielen Dank dafür!

Dabei werden 11 Fragen gestellt, die die Nominierten beantworten und im Anschluss stellen diese dann wieder Fragen an andere Blogs.


A while ago my friend Laura from the food blog unter dem Pflaumenbaum nominated me to take part at Liebster Award. That’s a challenge created for newcomer bloggers to gather some attention through each other.

You get 11 questions and after you answered them, one can nominate other blogs and direct questions to them.

Here are the rules:

1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you.

2. Answer his or hers questions.

3. Nominate other blogs (11 max.)

4. No nominations with more than 1000 followers at facebook.

5. Create 11 questions for the nominees.

6. Inform the nominees about this post.

Folgend sind die Regeln:

1. Verlinke die Person, die dich nominiert hat.

2. Beantworte bitte die elf Fragen, die dir von dem Blogger der dich nomniert hat gestellt wurden.

3. Nominieren weitere Blogs (maximal 11).

4. Die Nomnierten dürfen nicht mehr als 1000 Follower bei Facebook haben.

5. Stelle elf Fragen an deine Nominierten.

6. Informiere deine Nominierten über diesen Post.

Die Sache ist nur, dass ich ein paar Blogs vor Augen hatte, diese aber schon früher teilgenommen haben. Vielleicht gibt es, aber unter euch Lesern welche, die gerne hier mitmachen würden? Meldet euch und ich verlinke euren Blog zusammen mit 11 Fragen.

Thing is the blogs I had in mind have already taken part in this challenge. Maybe there are some of you readers that would like to be highlighted instead. If so, comment below.

1. How long you’ve been blogging?

It’s a little more than a year now that I set up this site.

2. What made you decide to publish your ideas via blog?

I have always been fascinated by the internet and also read blogs from the very beginning. Around 2008 I came upon fashion and beauty blogs and really did like the personal aspect of them. The wish to also share my two cents publicly arose quick but at the beginning I only dared to do it in the comment section. Finally last year then I decided that it was time to create a site of my own.

3. How much time do you invest in your blog per week?

It depends. Due to my studies and my student job there was almost none left to write actual blogposts in the last couple of months. I did a lot of online and RL socializing though which is also a big and underestimated part of blogging. 

4. How important are images in your blog? More images or should there more text?

In my opinion you can be sure that a post without accompanied image will hardly get noticed. It’s really important to include one. Best if it’s related to the post but should none be available take anything out of your repertoire. Anything! As long there is one.

5. Which of your post you like most?

Difficult question… maybe my post about wearing copycats of design classics from high street brands. It’s a controversial topic that I’m very interested in though I wrote very lightly about it. Also in that post I did a good job with the pics of me inside the historical quarter of Eigelstein here in Cologne.

6. What are your wishes for your blog?

More feedback and comments would be nice. I love to interact with people. That’s why I meanwhile created an Instagram account where it’s easy to connect with the world on the go. Also more time to create good content for the site.

7. Do you have a favorite blog?

A few but the best is The one and only Sartorialist. His blog blog site is still so puristic!

A handsome guy shot by Mr. Sartorialist Scott Schuman during Pitti Uomo Milan

8. What you like to do outside the blogosphere?

Whenever there’s some free time I like to watch foreign movies and TV series. I am a total geek in that matter. Lastly I was crazy about the mafia series Gomorrha which is made in Italy and True Detective was absolutely addcitive, too. Another thing I love to do also is to eat! I experiment a lot and am always happy not to take my meals alone.

9. Can you describe yourself with 3 words?

Hair…. or do you mean inner attributes? :) questioning and communicative yay

10. When did have your last first anything?

One thing I still remember colorfully and with all my tastebuds was at famous Katz in New York, my first encounter with a pastrami sandwich!!! Something I wanted to try since I’m 10: eating an original delicious pastrami sandwich. Now that I did I can now go out and source it out here, too. There must be Pastrami here in Cologne, for sure. I’ll find you and eat all of you!

11. Which dream you still would like to fulfill yourself?

My big aims are settling in place slowly. But I’ll tell you about two smaller wishes of me. Actually I am obsessed with two beauty questions at the moment: how to get good skin and long but at the same time easy to manage hair. These aims might seem superficial at first but I would save so much time daily and boost my self esteem if I could figure that out.

That was fun. I know I’m outside the rules, lets see how many of you would like to participate.

  1. Wie lange bloggst du schon?

Vor einem Jahr habe ich diese Seite aufgesetzt.

2. Was hat dich dazu bewegt, deine Ideen in Form eines Blogs zu veröffentlichen?

Ich war schon immer vom Internet fasziniert und quasi ein Blogleser der ersten Stunde. Circa ab 2008 fing ich zusätzlich an Mode- und Beautyblogs zu konsumieren. Von Anfang an fand ich das Teilen von persönlichem Inhalt spannend und hatte den Wunsch ebenfalls meinen Senf beizugeben. Lange Zeit nur in Form von Kommentaren bis ich 2014 endlich den Schritt zur eigenen Seite gewagt habe.

3. Wieviel Zeit verwendest du wöchentlich für deinen Blog?

Das ist unterschiedlich. Für das Schreiben von Posts blieb mir in den letzten Monaten neben dem Studium und meinem Nebenjob nicht viel Zeit übrig. Jedoch ein unterschätzter Aspekt des Bloggens ist das persönliche Vernetzen im echten Leben und publizieren deiner Seite auf Social Media Kanälen. Es macht die Hälfte des Bloggens aus und während meiner Schreibabwesenheit habe ich mich zumindest um diesen Aspekt etwas mehr gekümmert und mich viel informiert wie das denn so abläuft.

4. Welchen Stellenwert haben Fotos bei deinen Blogbeiträgen? Mehr Fotos oder besser mehr Text?

Ich gehe stark davon aus, dass ein Artikel nicht gelesen wird, wenn kein Foto dazu abgebildet wird. Am besten sollte das Foto mit dem Inhalt zu tun haben, sollte solch eins nicht zur Verfügung stehen, nimm irgendwas aus deinem Repertoire. Irgendwas!

5. Welchen eigenen Beitrag magst du am liebsten?

Das ist schwierig…vielleicht meinen Artikel über Kopien von Kleidungsklassikern. In diesem Fall geht es um eine ZARA Jacke. Das Tragen von Fakes ist eine interessante Kontroverse und außerdem sind mir die Bilder im historischen Teil des Eigelsteinviertels gut gelungen.

6. Was wünschst du dir für deinen Blog?

Ich wünsche mir mehr (konstruktives) Feedback und Kommentare. Interaktion ist was tolles. Weswegen ich mittlerweile einen Instagram Account habe (Da klappt das hervorragend) Und vor allem mehr Zeit, um guten Content zu kreieren.

7. Hast du einen Lieblingsblog?

Mehrere. Aber der beste ist und bleibt Der Sartorialist. Das Konzept ist nach all den Jahren immer noch so wundervoll puristisch.

8. Was machst du gerne außerhalb der Blogosphäre?

Wann immer genügend Freizeit vorhanden ist, schaue ich gerne ausländische Filme und TV Serien. Zuletzt war ich verrückt nach der italienischen Mafia Serie Gomorrha und der amerikanischen Miniserie True Detective. Essen ist meine andere Leidenschaft, am liebsten zusammen mit anderen Menschen.

9. Kannst du dich mit drei Worten beschreiben?

Haare…. :) charakterlich: hinterfragend und natürlich kommunikativ yay

10. Wann hast du zuletzt etwas zum ersten Mal gemacht?

An das letzte woran ich mich sehr gut erinnern kann, war das legendäre Pastrami Sandwich von Katz in New York zu essen. Das war ein Lebensziel von mir, seit ich bestimmt 10 bin. Jetzt, wo ich die Mutter aller Pastrami Sandwiches gegessen habe, kann ich mich auch auf die Suche danach hier in Deutschland machen.

11. Welchen Traum willst du dir noch erfüllen?

Meine größeren Lebensziele positionieren sich alle allmählich. Es bleiben, aber viele Kleinigkeiten. Zum Beispiel bin ich im Moment von zwei eher ästhetischen Wünschen besessen: Schöne Haut und langes Haar, dass gleichzeitig trotzdem pflegeleicht ist. Das hört sich zwar oberflächlich an, aber ich glaube viele Frauen können nachvollziehen wie sehr es die alltägliche Zeit und das Selbstvertrauen auffrisst, wenn das Erscheinungsbild Probleme macht.

So, das hat Spaß gemacht und jetzt bin ich gespannt, wer von euch gerne mitmachen will.