3 That Hit The Bottom | Honest Review Avéne Hydrance Serum – Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Hand Cream – Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

Hit the Bottom finished aufgebraucht products beauty cosmetic skincare pflege make up hand cream concealer avène hydrance hydrating serum fit me maybelline flatlay review kritik opinion

I am not a finisher. Even sample size products like the two on the left of this picture I have a hard time using them up. That’s why all my storage space is overflowing with beauty and cosmetics which has never stopped me from buying or accepting even more.

So I was very pleasantly surprised when I actually used up three at once. Here is what I think of them in short:

Avène Hydrance Optimale Sérum Hydratant

This hydrating serum was recommended to me by a pharmacist worker after I complained about my dry adult acne skin at which I am not able to put any of the regular moisturizers on without breaking out cysticly. I told her that my absolute holy grail the Guerlain aqua light serum was to expensive of a purchase and she showed me this. I think thanks to the L’Oréal ownership of both brands it really hits close which I am very thankful for. The sample contained 5 ml and lasted a very long time. I actually went out and even purchased the full size though I am annoyed that it came not also in a tube but with a pump dispenser. I hate those! Why always they dispense much more than I need?

Now how does it work: The product has no oils and so far nothing that irritates my skin. Somehow all the low to mid price range serums I tried before did irritate my skin. With around 23 € here in Germany I consider this product as mid range. My skin is finally very supple right now and I had no cystic pimple for a while. I still have problems with blemishes but they don’t develop into something boily anymore. When I put the serum on superficial dry flakes don’t diminish instantly but in the deep my skin feels so much better. Still it is a tad to rich as I noticed developing milia around the spots where my glasses sit. I think something gets trapped there now. Never had issues in these places before. I’ll just avoid them with the serum in the future.

Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Correcting Hand Cream SPF 15

What to say… this cream is a fail. At least to my also very dry above 30 hands. I don’t know under what conditions Clinique test their products and decided that it was ok to put this one out but sure they didn’t think of someone like me, sitting in a cold city like Cologne and using hard tap water to wash her hands.

Actually I am not so sure if this creams main purpose was even to moisturize than more to help get rid of dark spots. But why can’t it do both at once. At the high end price range which this hand cream is sold one could expect that, no? Instead by using it I would feel a silicony texture on my palms while my cuticles would dry up even more. So much that they together with my finger tips would hurt weirdly. Whatever was put inside to dissolve dark spots it hurt the skin very much. I had this tube since a long time and I really don’t know from where I got it but it was like that from the beginning and not just because it became overdue.

As it is Clinique I couldn’t just throw it away and seriously used it up till the end. So glad that it’s over now and I can move on to the next crappy hand cream. On the topic of dark spots, I can’t say anything as I have none to get rid of on my hands, yet.

Fit Me Concealer by Maybelline in the shade 20

This blogger favorite we get here in Germany at drug stores in 4 shades. Like usual the shades are too light for me or too dark. I went for lighter, of course.

My opinion is ambivalent. People have been raving about the Fit Me concealer as if this concealer was the one to end all others. I think it is actually rightly the best of the concealers available at drug stores but it still leaves much to be desired. As it lacks the characteristics making drug store concealers despicable i.e. stickiness and patchiness. The coverage diminishes within minutes and leaves back more of an highlighting tint. It creases a little under the eye though it doesn’t get patchy on the rest of the skin when applied with the beauty blender. Overall it does blend out good which makes every day application easy and most important of all it didn’t break me out.

Concluding the Fit Me concealer is my go to for regular days when I know that I only want to look a little put togetherish.

Rosequartz And Rosegold – A Jewelry Trend That Will Carry On

Rosequartz Rosenquarz rose gold rosé sterling silver gold plated fashion jewelry modeschmuck apricot room köln cologne chain Kette jewelryblogger schmuckblogger look of the day jewelry of the day

As of right now is there any combination of jewelry more hot than rose gold paired with the beauty of rose quartz gems?

Infatuation with pale pink reached its peak 2016 when rose quartz became color of the year. But lately there has been an extreme craze around the combination of the gem and rosé metal indicating that the trend will certainly carry itself over to 2017 at least in the jewelry world.

Indeed I find it very captivating, too and decided for this tiniest of drops on a super slim chain. The stone is without any visible inclusion, not that I would have mind but I came to like the clean look it gives me in this case. To follow a second trend I layered the necklace with another rose gold chain from which I removed the pendant as to not distract from the little rose quartz.

The day I made this selfie I also wore an almost complete pale pink outfit (similarly here) and together with the jewelry totally felt my look.

Rosequartz Rosenquarz rose gold rosé sterling silver gold plated fashion jewelry modeschmuck apricot room köln cologne chain Kette jewelryblogger schmuckblogger look of the day jewelry of the day

All jewelry pieces by Apricot Room.

Personal Guide To Istanbul | Part 2 – Sightseeing In Sultanahmet


Whole Istanbul is covered with beautiful sites to explore but Sultanahmet is where you’ll be rightly headed as a first time visitor. Gorge yourself on the grand architecture of Byzantium and the Ottomans.

(Click here for part 1 – where to stay or here for the complete quick guide.)

Below are my top choices so you won’t only go to the Hagia Sophia and then end up lost at the Grand Bazaar. I kept it tight and manageable for a 2 day visit and there are links throughout the text to each monument’s Wikipedia page so you can find everything easily and get more information if you want to.

hagia sophia aya sofya sultanahmet ultimate hipster guide to Istanbul flat Istanbul wohnung where to stay accommodation Turkey Türkei Reise trip Städtetrip Altbau Beyoglu Airbnb historic clean hipster architecture

Hagia Sophia: Once the most magnificent church Continue reading

Personal Guide To Istanbul | Part 1 – Where To Stay

On my last post I made a quick list of personal recommendations for Istanbul and how to get along there. As I promised to go deeper, now have fun reading part 1 and tune in next week for my top sight-seeing choices.

istanbul emin cami sokak flat Istanbul wohnung where to stay accommodation Turkey Türkei Reise trip Städtetrip Altbau Beyoglu Airbnb historic clean hipster all white architecture

Our view on the first day’s morning. In September it can be very cloudy in Istanbul.

First lets talk about accommodation. Coming back to a place nice and cozy after a day of exhausting sight-seeing is very important for me. Else I feel soooo drenched after the trip back at home.

Should you be dead set for room service Continue reading

A Quick Guide To Istanbul

hagia sophia aya sofya sultanahmet ultimate hipster guide to Istanbul flat Istanbul wohnung where to stay accommodation Turkey Türkei Reise trip Städtetrip Altbau Beyoglu Airbnb historic clean hipster architectureFor one of my friends I assembled a quick list of spots that I like in Istanbul. It is of course not comprehensive but stay tuned for more posts with a little deeper background information.

Some sites will not be an option if it’s cold or rainy. So better go in the warm months.

Getting there

The city has two big airports. One in the west and one in the east. Both are convenient. Of course from Atatürk Airport on the European side you will get into the city in a very much shorter amount of time than from Sabiha Gökcen what usually lasts an hour but can take forever if there’s traffic. Now the best way to do so is with the shuttle bus Havataș called after the operating company. The busses wait right in front of the airport exits and are timed well. Board the busses head to Taksim square from where you will get easily to anywhere else. Don’t waste on taxi or private transfer unless you arrive on the hours at night where there’s no bus ( around 1 to 4 am).

Getting around

Obtain yourself an Istanbul Kart right on your first day. Look out for the sign. The card itself costs a few TL, can be recharged at every station and you need only one card even if you’re more people. It’s not only valid for subway or busses but also any other public transport like the ferries.

Where to stay

This is where we stayed last time. Right next to the building you’ll find a really amazing bakery with wonderful smelling bread, a butcher and a Turkish super where you can get good produce. The feel of the quarter is that of an old movie. If you choose another place but in the same area just be careful not to book anything too close to Taksim square and read reviews beforehand. A review by me of the specific flat we rented is also found under the link above. I loved the big, airy rooms and its historic flair. The all white interior spoke very much to me. On the site its stated that it’s a place for 4 but you can easily fit up to six in.

Topkapi palace sarayi sultanahmet ultimate hipster guide to Istanbul Turkey Türkei Reise trip Städtetrip Altbau Beyoglu Airbnb historic hipster architecture

Top choices for sightseeing: Hagia SophiaBasilica CisternTopkapi PalaceHippodrome (don’t miss out strolling around the back alleys. Here from the Mehmed Pasha mosque through beautiful crumbling wood houses you can reach the leather vendors quarter), Cemberlitas and the Grand Bazaar. Honorary mention: drink a tea under the arches of the old aqueduct like a local.

Food: Balik Ekmek at the waterside of Eminönu (the term means fish ‘n bread though the days of locally sourced fish at this spot are long gone).



Sightseeing: Galata Tower

Coffee: Latife

Shopping: Hammam towels and scarfs at Yakto Ipek

Istiklal road

Shopping: all major high street brands

Food and refreshment: Shake Shack (fast food); The House Café; Kumpir; tea at Hazzo Pulo Pasaji.

Art: Misir Apartment

Drinks and Cocktails: 360° on the rooftop of Misir Apartment; Orient Bar Pera Palas, Lucca Style.

Sightseeing: Various embassy gates, Galatasaray, Church of St. Anthony

Cihangir + Cukurcuma

Art: Museum of Innocence

Shopping: lots of antique shops, second hand and Indie brands for clothing and interior

Coffee: Brew Lab, Müz, Meinl

Breakfast: Van Kahvaltasi (order Menemen with Sucuk, ask the waiter to let it cook through if you get easily ill on vacations though)

Lunch: Cukurcuma 99

Dinner & Drinks: Mellow; Cezahir

Wine: Solera Winery


Breakfast, lunch, dinner & coffee: Everything on Kılıç Ali Paşa Mescidi Sokak street (Baltazar for yummy and reasonable priced steaks); watch out for the Souq Karaköy food markets and bazars.

Dinner: Karaköy Lokantasi

Art + Sightseeing: Istanbul Modern; look out for the ottoman watchtower in the museum’s entry area

Nisantasi + Bebek

Shopping: Midnight Express Istanbul Concept Store in Bebek

Sightseeing: Rumeli Hisari

Coffee: Petra Topagaci (Nisantasi); Sold Abbasaga in Besiktas

Lunch: Soup and noodle dishes at Kaptasoupasta

Cocktails + Food: Moro Nisantasi

Party: Club Reyna (very posh though)


Sightseeing: Ortaköy mosque.

Popular place to hang around in the evening. Eat Kumpir and waffles there. Shop a little silver jewelry which is made in the workshops there.


Take a ferry to get there, for example from Eminönu.

Sightseeing: Haydarpasha Terminal

Coffee: Walter’s Coffee Roastery (very experimental and a must if you’re a fan of Breaking Bad)

Hangout: Moda Park

Food: Ziya Sofrasi

Prince Islands

Also to be reached with the ferries. Take a nice old one where they serve tea and have wooden benches from Kabatas. Plan at least half a day to a day if you choose the most visit worthy island Büyükada and prepare for the stench of horse excrements.

Avoid the carriages and take the path to right. You will have a hike almost for your own  with less smell but many cats accompanying. In the forest at the middle there is an awesomely spooky ruin of an Greek orphanage and at the end of the path the church of Aya Yorgi awaits you on top of a hill.

Food: Eat fresh fish and seafood at one of the seashore restaurants. They’re a little cheaper further away from the ferry landing.


Karl Schenker – Master Of Beauty At Ludwig Museum

Karl Schenker photography vintage fashion editorial 20s 30s roaring twenties Germany Fotografie golden era beauty mode fashion history master of retouching Sharareh Shahedali

Karl Schenker was a very much acclaimed master of photography and illustration especially during 20s Germany who later lost his impact and died 1954 in London without much notice from society.

I often wonder how it must be to rise that high and then vanish into oblivion. We see this all the time with film stars for example. But in Karl Schenker’s case it touches me even more. We see a man with true skills, magician like, he achieves unimaginable artistry and because of changing tastes and technology demand for him declines up into nothing.

Karl Schenker photography vintage fashion editorial 20s 30s roaring twenties Germany Fotografie golden era beauty mode fashion history master of retouching women history
Karl Schenker, Damenbildnis. Portrait of a Lady, around 1920. Photo: Rheinisches Bildarchiv Museum Ludwig; ML; K. Schenker; aus der Sammlung von R & E. Ruminski

At the beginning Karl Schenker had a Studio in Berlin where everybody from high society be it aristocrats or politicians came to get their portraits taken. He did everything himself and where he shined most was the post-editing process where Karl Schenker proved to be a master of retouching. The studio portraits were taken in the gloomy style of the decade but with his hands and a brush he managed to add feathery and glowing highlights. The subjects were manipulated to look better and in the end they appeared with slimmer noses and shined with soft radiance wearing pelts and feather boas from the picture. Continue reading

Double Church In Rieselfeld – Freiburg | Architecture

Maria Magdalena im Rieselfeld Freiburg im Breisgau ökumenische Kirche neomodernism Baden-Württemberg Architektur brutalisme monolithic beton concrete catholic protestant evangelisch Germany Susanne Gross women architect

As much as I love ancient buildings, I also admire monoliths of neo-modern architecture.

Today we went to a zoo located in the outer rims of Freiburg. The whole district is called Rieselfeld and a part of it got transformed into a residential area. A very new borough with a very new church. Continue reading

Bars In Cologne: Suderman

Barkeeper Suderman Bar Cologne Bar Köln Agnesviertel Sudermanplatz Cocktails retro mid century interieur style design chic ausgehen in Köln going out in cologne travel guide quality stylish drinks dj abends was tun Negroni

A cool bar space. Enough room to find a seat while still feeling cozy. Modern interior design but not too chic. Clean and not shabby. A place for a decent drink after work or on weekends when you actually don’t want to have a night out but still go out… This kind of bar I thought was missing in Cologne.

Not anymore!!! Look out for Continue reading