It’s Literature Time

Fellas do you feel bored by your evening tv program? What about some literature for a change?

The 14th lit.Cologne has started and will take place until the end of next week. This is our international literature festival with plenty of events bringing artists and authors together. This reading of Sahar Delijani’s book sounds particularly interesting, the location Kulturkirche is pretty cool, too. It is marked as sold out but there will be remaining tickets at the box office.

Logo via their Facebook page

Honestly in all the years before I never went to one of the readings of lit.Cologne. You know, too much university stuff and the after parties always seemed more interesting. Also paying 15 bucks just for listening somebody reading is usually not something young folks are known for but now I think it is nice to have something intellectual happening in the city, why not support it?

So if you happen to live nearby, come around and visit the city.


Cologne Series

Sure, Köln sometimes lacks the vibrant metropolitan vibe like Berlin, Hamburg and hell, even Munich. Aaaand yes, I know we are all supposed to dislike the capital and yet I’m sure most of us jealously look to her because of the cool parties that get thrown there.

At the other hand there is a very active art scene in my city am Rhein, ready to hold boredom at bay. The happenings are often small but luckily also the number of pretentious people attending.

Last week I explored that scene a little and had fun at one reading and two vernissages. Let me first tell you about the reading and save the other two evenings for my next posts.

The reading got held at the super sweet Le Pop Lingerie where young author and father Frank Berzbach told us about his books and the philosophy behind them, making some pretty good points. He wrote his books mostly with creatives in mind but actually everybody could use the advise he gives. The title of his newest work is “Die Kunst ein kreatives Leben zu führen” and as far as I now only available in German. But maybe it gains the success of predecessor  “Kreativität aushalten: Pychologie für Designer” and will also be published in other languages.

My brother Omid studied design in Aachen and I think this will be a great present for him. I think I will gift him this and when he is finished I’ll read it, too.

This was the first time I went out in the position of a blogger. I was soooo nervous getting my camera out and to take some pics… they all turned out pretty shaky. Fortunately there was an actual photographer present and he allowed me to use his shots so you can see what the evening looked like.

The author. Reading Frank Berzbach at Le Pop Lingerie.
The author, Frank Berzbach.
The book. Reading Frank Berzbach at Le Pop Lingerie.
The book. Die Kunst ein kreatives Leben zu führen.

Images by Thomas Morsch.