Flower Overpower // Public Art Cologne

Grayish postwar architecture determines the cityscape of Cologne. A few of these modernist blocks acquired some charm with time but many managed becoming even more ugly. To the fugliest of these ugliest belong parking buildings… never seen a pretty one.

As it happens I came by a particular parking building in the city center around summer last year and got blown away by vibrant colors inside a display attached to the façade. A really huge pile of the most beautiful flowers had been put behind its window which usually would have contained advertisement. But due to a lack of advertisers artists had decided to use this free space as a public gallery. And in fact there was a whole row of displays full of works from various artists but I only had eyes for the flowery one.

Kunst Schaufenster Köln Blumen

See!!! in the face of nature everything manmade diminishes. An artist just dumped a huge pile of flowers behind some glass and managed to overpower the works of everyone else who I am pretty sure made a whole lot more effort.

Kunst Schaufenster Köln Blumen Vollansicht Kopie

Some days later everything had wilted and nothing of the former beauty prolonged anymore. The artist’s intention undetectable for the passenger who would see the remnants only in this state.

At current Conti-Parkhaus is under construction. I don’t remember seeing any names but I am curious if the displays will come back when measures have completed. Meanwhile we can distract ourselves with a similar project at Ebertplatz metro station. Under the name Schaufenstern the Come-Together-Projekt has something similar going on.

Johannes Post 'Hel' Come Together Project Ebertplatz Schaufenstern Köln Kunst Art Photography
Johannes Post ‘Hel