Boots in Burgundy

Why oh why do I not own these boots?

Timberland burgundy winter boots

I have the pale ones. The classics. I wear them also for ‘outdoor’ activities as I still refuse to wear hiking or other utility shoes.

No matter how big my collection of boots gets I still can’t get rid of the feeling I’m lacking the right pair. Boots that will be sexy as well as comfortable, from fine leather with just the right amount of hipster cool.

I just bought a chic black pair with heels but now I deeply wish I had seen these burgundy ones earlier. And they’re on sale!!!


A Blanket For A Cape

Habitat blanket Decke Köln Cologne poncho capeI’m in my room and right in front of my desk stands a Panton couch. Draped above it lays a cotton blanket which I snapped at the last Habitat sale. The colors reminded me of Turkish hammam towels which I always thought of really stylish. Have to get some one day, too. Considering my freezing toes the blanket seems so appealing but I can’t put it on my legs, it would get tangled in the rolls of my desk chair. Annoying!

So I throw the blanket around my shoulders which has led me to recognize how stylish a cape at home looks. A home cape, tadaa. I feel really regal and it warms me so good without bulking me up.

I’ll tell you about the reasons of my cold flat. Differently to housing in many countries, here the option to regulate radiators exists. And we have comparatively well isolation, not as good as in Sweden but mostly better as in the States. The downfall is that with isolation which prevents homes getting below zero degrees celsius people have come up with stupid ideas, at least for a warmth loving Iranian like me.

All the years I live here in Germany there has always been one constant, no matter what place I lived or stayed. Landlords and house owners love to shut down radiators exactly at 10 pm (if you’re lucky maybe at 11 pm) and not turn them on before six in the morning. It’s very common!!! Can you imagine?

Oh, people here are so ecofriendly and like to refer that you’re not supposed to sleep in a warm bedroom. That maybe but I am also not supposed to shiver under my goose down duvet while I try to fall asleep.

Who needs to heat at day anyway? A normal person is out then… working, at uni, doing stuff in general. I need me a cozy warm home at night when I’m done with my daily business. No no, I think this whole affair is pure stinginess disguised as being eco.

It’s hard cold winter, with turned off radiators my flat cools down badly every night. And see, this is one of those nights were I work deep into at my desk. I’m already dressed warmly but more layers and I can’t move anymore. It’s already so shameful looking like a potato betraying my Pinterest board of dreamy home looks.

At least I have my big red blanket and I’m so happy about it.

Is there anyone out there with similar sensibility to the cold? I am sure not the only one misusing her blanket as a cape. Though as I seem to be the only one under my friends freezing that much all the time. I thought I would share this with you internet. Maybe there are fellow sufferers amongst you.