Healthy Cottage Cheese & Tomato Salad For A Single Person | Recipe

Recipe Rezept low fat cottage cheese salad late night snack single serving size Hüttenkäse salat für den schnellen Hunger single portion wenig fett low calorie wenig kalorien ohne dressing tomatoes tomaten basil basilikum croutons zwiebeln gesund bio organic healthy living healthy eating

A salad simple and assembled in less than a minute but also heavenly tasty. No hidden fat content. Words we all want to hear, right?

Here is the recipe for one single bowl. The perfect amount for a fueling late night snack. Continue reading


The Pahlavi Hat | Iranian History

This is my great-grandfather Hessan and it is the only image I think ever existed of him. I just recently came to view it when my mother sent the picture on my phone. Probably she saw the photograph also for the first time. Who knows where she discovered it after all these years. Continue reading

Bars In Cologne: Suderman

Barkeeper Suderman Bar Cologne Bar Köln Agnesviertel Sudermanplatz Cocktails retro mid century interieur style design chic ausgehen in Köln going out in cologne travel guide quality stylish drinks dj abends was tun Negroni

A cool bar space. Enough room to find a seat while still feeling cozy. Modern interior design but not too chic. Clean and not shabby. A place for a decent drink after work or on weekends when you actually don’t want to have a night out but still go out… This kind of bar I thought was missing in Cologne.

Not anymore!!! Look out for Continue reading

Quick And Tasty Pineapple Chicken Tikka Masala Curry Recipe

Butter Chicken Tikka Masala tweaked rice indian curry coconut cream milk homemade recipe bell pepper

Did you ever eat out at an Indian restaurant and didn’t find the food particularly tasty? That means lack of flavor, too greasy or other issues with it?

I know there are many great Indian food places in the UK or for sure in Berlin but I really do think that Cologne comes short. Although my friends always like it when we have Indian, Middle Eastern or Asian food outside. It could be that im very picky, ok, admit, I am picky. Still, the problem exists if curry (in Iran it would be khoresht) style foods don’t become cooked with lots of love and care they will easily taste bad. As I said before very often there are not much ingredients involved but the ones that are need to be of good quality and prepared non-hastily.

Well, here is a recipe for a curry that will blow your taste buds though I even cut a big amount of the fatty ingredients. Continue reading