Happy Thanksgiving

red autumn leaves tree central park indian summer thanksgivingOver a week ago that I visited the big apple and still in a melancholic mood about its awesomeness. Some people may call it also a prolonging jet lag…

Actually we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Germany…yet.

That picture was taken at Central Park where this one tree stood like a blossoming flower still celebrating indian summer whereas all the surrounding had started to wilt in more moderate colors.

I think it fits the celebratory mood the internet has gone all over again perfectly.

Next follows the craziness of Black Friday of which I’m a little jealous of you US citizens. If brands there offer discounts, they really go to deep discount country.

Right now I’m looking to you J.Crew or better not… I could shop me bankrupt there. (Restraint myself on my trip and only took one piece back home)

So have fun and enjoy your holidays.