Glossy Eyes

selfie glossy eyes apricot room bearbeitet lip gloss on eyelids rosa rose blush red eyeshadow ootd motd Sharareh Shahedali Nars Maybelline H&M monochromaticWho said that lip gloss on your eyelids is only for editorial photo shoots? Well, they’re totally wrong or they must use an extreme kind of other goop. I’ll rather say it’s even suitable for everyday.

I tried the glossy eyes recently for the first time and from then on many times again.

selfie instastory glosse eyes selfie glossy eyes apricot room bearbeitet lip gloss on eyelids rosa rose blush red eyeshadow ootd motd Sharareh Shahedali NARS blush Exhibit A H&M Fusion Shimmer Lipgloss Maybelline lipstick in 932 WEEKDAY bomber other stories earrings
Close up from my Instastory

I always loved a wet glowing sheen on the moving part of the lids and in almost every magazine photo where you see this, it was achieved through lip gloss or vaseline though with vaseline there is the problem of creasing. A subtler version can be created by very finely milled metallic eyeshadow. But a good shadow can cost a lot of money and then you need several colors whereas lip gloss is sheer… just smear it on top of anything in any color.

In motion

So how does it apply and feel? First, gloss is really easy to use. I apply it with the wand mostly and gently tap out the edges. Eyeshadow underneath doesn’t crease but will mix a little into the gloss matter. Worn over a full day it transfers above the crease but not in an annoying way.

I was afraid of an itchy and sticky feel. Well, au contraire! I suffer sometimes from face itches especially around the eyes because of dryness and the water binding formula of glosses prevents that. Also I did not have the issue of hair clutching onto my lids. As we all know this is the most annoying thing whenever we wear gloss on the lips.

You have to know that I don’t use high end products for this kind of practice. I guess whatever used for lips is safe for eyes, too and I resort to something cheaper but still good. My favorite being one of H&M glosses from their 2016 spring limited edition with slight iridescence. You know, H&M revamped their make up and have a lot of amazing stuff now. Only promise me to stay away from grainy lip glosses. You know, those with the big chunks of glitter especially should you be a lens wearer.

// Monochromatic look on the top achieved with NARS blush Exhibit A on eyes and cheeks. Eyes topped with H&M Fusion Shimmer Lip Gloss in Perahera. Lips Maybelline matte lipstick in 932 topped with shimmer blush for slight sheen. Paired with WEEKDAY bomber and Byboe choker. //


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