P Pendant By Boe and Avène Beauty | Flatlay

Flatlay Avene bearbeitet klein byboe p pendant schmuck jewelry rose dried rose distel coulance powder hydrance cream skincare pouch marble marmor beauty review french pharmacy new York Fotografie photography by Sharareh Shahedali

P Pendant By Boe

I bought this pendant a really long time ago and only started wearing it recently. I somehow loved how the pendant was packaged and contemplating just satisfied me enough. Originally I had looked for the letter S to symbolize my name but then decided for P which stands for my love. He got so happy seeing me wearing his initial. It was very sweet to watch. I love the signature By Boe style forming minimalist jewelry of edged wire.

Beauty by Avène

I once possessed a cream foundation from this French pharmacy brand that though the wrong colored always helped me whenever I had flaring acne. With this good experience I went and got myself the transparent powder from Avène. I use translucent powder on top of liquid foundation around the area where my glasses sit and around the nose to prevent creasing or wiping the foundation off when I touch the middle of my face.

However I noticed clogging pores from these powders and because of gave the Couvrance compact a go. I am rather disappointed by its performance though and reach again for my former loose translucent powders. Still the apothecary gave me a pouch full of promotion samples from Avène and I like some of them so much I even went and purchased full sizes. The micellar water is the bomb and I think it’s even better than the original from Bioderma and the new Hydrance series I am a fan of, too.


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