OOTD – A Vintage Linen Suit

The oversized trend got me right when it started. Coats, shirts, humongous shawls and jumpers.... just throw them in my direction. But all the time I thought I have

Is it actually vintage when you found it in the backs of your own closet? I am not so sure but I am glad that I rediscovered this amazing linen suit from the 90’s. I bought it as a teenager and guess what… only wore it twice. Of course I did not have the balls or occasion to wear a full linen suit. Think back to the end 90’s and imagine how teens looked backed then. Surely more Destiny’s Child than Gwyneth Paltrow especially to school. Sure, there was a sharp minimalist trend going on but it happened more in the spheres of grown up people working in offices or so.

Now the 90s have not only come back, looking at Celine and Acne ads the revival is in full swing with all of its facets. And just like any other sane woman I just lust for their look very much. This is when I remembered that I still possess a suit with very wide legs, a high waist and in pin stripe white. Talk about various trends joined, eh!

Instantly I loved the suit even more than when I bought it and I am very glad that I never got rid of it. Paired with Birkenstocks and a simple v-neck tee I gave the look a modern feel without feeling too formal. Now that colder days have arrived I imagine cozy turtle necks would suit, too. The brand is Tintoretto. An Italian brand I think. I tried to research the brand but couldn’t find anything. I think it went bankrupt. All I can say that Tintoretto was more ‘madame’ style wise but with very good quality. Even then I couldn’t resist nice garments made of beautiful fabrics.


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