Foodora – Premium Delivery Service | A Burger & A Review

Menz Burger Köln Hamburger Fries Pommes Guacamole Review Kritik Beurteilung Gedanken Foodora Lieferservice Premium delivery app take out beef Köln Essen in Köln

I might have spent 16 Euros more wisely or more glamorous before. Was it good? Satisfying at least.

Since my visits in Egypt where practically every food place offers delivery I have missed being able to order anything that I have an urgent desire for and not only some dingy pizza directly from home.

This gap got recently closed by apps who offer an easy and safe process. There are several in Germany, the most popular is Foodora and stands out with a particular ugly pink corporate design and increasingly aggressive marketing.

I Installed the app once and threw it out of my phone right away because none of the places I would have liked to order from delivered to my quarter.

So then came yesterday.. I got hungry but was very lazy. Then I got even more hungry so much as in starving like literally having no power to raise and dress myself. Back the app I got and voilà this time around there were more options.

I picked Menz Burger located in Agnesviertel because they were new to me and advertised quality beef. And what’s better than a good rich burger and a big serving of fries on the side when you had nothing to eat all day?

The App use was like promised very convenient and payment went via Paypal. What annoyed me was not the delivery fee of 2,90 € though I think it is a little high but I would have tipped 2 bucks at least if I had eaten out and in the end payed the same. No, it was the minimum order value of 12 € which I failed to reach at 10 Cents. After desperately searching the options for a while I found the sauces section and added guacamole knowing that I would eat it together with all other that would come and feel very nauseous afterwards because of the high fat content. Anyway. The burger was quite good and I dived right into it. The fries could have been good but had been fried to long to survive the ride without becoming hard brick sticks.

Will I order again? I don’t think so. Even if it’s called premium delivery. There is just so much waste involved and you pay the same as if you had gone out. Also I can’t understand why there’s not much more effort in the presentation involved? Especially if you consider the price I paid for it. No, for that I will go to the actual restaurant and enjoy having more than a plastic plate beneath my food.


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