Berlin Apotheke Hackescher Markt

Deckengemälde Wandgemälde Rokoko Engel Angel ceiling painting fries rococo BerlinApotheke RotheApotheke historic Sehenswürdigkeit Hackeschen Markt Berlin Berlinguide travelling Germany Deutschland sightseeing insider off the beaten path

I am back from a wonderful and turbulent visit in Berlin. The way there I took the plane and wasn’t aware of a change on the rules for cabin baggage (again…seriously it’s so annoying) and had to throw away some of my stuff.

To restock I spontaneously went into a pharmacy at Hackescher Markt and standing inside I got instantly struck by a most intricate old world wood interior. Turns out this is Berlins oldest existing pharmacy also once called Rothe Apotheke dating way back to 1954.

Focal point of the inner structure is a beautiful Rococo painting on the ceiling in soft pastel tones depicting chubby little angels enjoying themselves in the sky as you see above. Don’t miss out on this site visiting Berlin though if you happen to need medicine or French pharmacy beauty products be aware that much of the stuff is more expensive than at less exposed locations.


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