At Maman | Lavish Dining In Iranian Homes

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There is a special warmth and coziness at Iranian homes that gives you an all year around christmasy feel. Maybe it’s because of the carpets on the floor, dimmed light and the perfume of deliciously cooking rice as soon as you enter the door.

Apart from the Persian rugs there may be nothing fancy, the table-cloth could be actually very cheap but everything is carefully selected to radiate a welcoming place for retreat.

I love it when I come to my parents home. I visit them not as seldom as many of my friends do with their families but still my mother treats me like the long-lost every time. It is so sweet how she is overly concerned about my nutrition and cooks a three course dinner at every visit!!! Of course that is accompanied by freshly juiced orange juice or even pomegranate juice when its winter. She knows how finicky I can get with quality therefore the fruits will be sourced out perfectly. For a long time I would consider dinners like that as normal and even in my childhood lavish meals were regular. We complained a lot about the traditional meals and just wished for some fast food. Naturally, I have come to appreciate her art of cooking now that I’m older.

If I want to I can cook our dishes, too but they’re difficult so I usually don’t. Not as much as in finding the ingredients or the way French cuisine can be difficult. Very often there are only a few ingredients needed but time is essential and even more important is love. Most of the dishes are stews, so there will be no quick thrown together stir fry. You have to prepare and let simmer.

There are times I pity my friends here in Germany. I know the only time they will have experienced this kind of home cooked meals if they have or had a caring grandmother. Very often I see them visiting their families only two or three times in a year and then they even will often experiment with trying new stuff. Which can be fun but the food suffers sometimes in German homes. Meat they get to nail. They will do a roast or such. But oh the poor vegetables will experience the treatment as side dish and end up lacking in taste. Nobody complains. The family coming together counts and this is right that way.

Not that my mother doesn’t experiment but this is additional. With traditional food her palate is tempered and she knows what she is doing. Nothing will leave the kitchen before it’s perfect. In her honor no Iranian cook would do otherwise.

Just as of today I couldn’t believe how lucky I am to eat this kind of food which you even can’t get in the best of restaurants. I know this can’t be bought!!! That’s why I had to come here and give this ode.

Also if you happen to ever visit Iranians be prepared that the story doesn’t end with dinner. Afterwards the family will sit down in the living room and enjoy fruits and black tea no matter how late in the day it is. Heavy conversation is then a must, no shallowness will be accepted at the table and without the consumption of any wine it can get pretty sharp.

In the picture above the oranges are diced nicely. My mother will do that for her beloved children as she knows how lazy we are with eating winter fruits. She even doesn’t ask. Suddenly plates of juicy squares will sit in front of you, too irresistible to not dig in, ha. Isn’t she sweet!

I just love her. Shout out to all the mothers who are still concerned about the food consumption of their adult children! xoxo


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