Spätzle & Stew | Really Easy German Comfort Food

Spätzle mit Ragout Preiselbeeren hausgemacht deutsches Essen German Food comfort food recipe Abendessen lingonberry beef stew

Due to special request by my friend Andy I’m sharing a recipe for homemade spatzle with lingonberry beef stew.

Hausgemachte Spätzle mit Preiselbeer-Rindfleischragout:

The Stew

  • 600 gr beef, 1 onion, 300 mL red wine, 1 jar of lingonberries, salt & pepper

For the meat you can take any kind that’s suitable for stews. We had a Jungbullen roast which we diced in big chunks. Prior to searing I always salt and pepper a lot but also dust in flour. This will add a nice texture later.

Then sauté in high heat until meat is slightly browned on the outside, add diced onions. After 2 minutes add wine. Boil up. Reduce heat to medium. Cover. Wait. Depending on the beef quality the dish shut be ready after 1 to 3 hours (ours took 2). The meat has to be tender enough that you can eat it. At the end add the lingonberries and cook until it reaches the consistency you prefer. Ready.

The Spatzle

  • 4 eggs, 300 gr plain flour, pinch salt, 100 mL water

This is easy. Way more easy than I thought initially. Whisk all the ingredients together. Replace some of the wheat flour with rye for a more bodied flavor. Boil up slightly salted water in a pot. Don’t reduce the heat. Take something that has holes. A grater worked fine with us. Put some of the runny dough on the grater and push it through with a spoon. The bits will fall into the water, puff up nicely and be done instantly. In-between take some out with a strainer or so and collect in a colander. When you’re done. Put some butter in a pan and fry the spatzle a little.


Serve with the stew on the side. Leftover spatzle can be used up the next day for awesome Käsespätzle, the original Mac’n Cheese.

Alright, Guten Appetit!



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