Salvation In A Bowl Of Kaiserschmarrn

Kaiserschmarrn food essen deutsches Rosinen Apfel maple syrup

This is a delicious bowl of apple Kaiserschmarrn drizzled with maple syrup.

One morning the Peter saw me struggling with a bucket size glass of kale smoothie and decided to salvage me out of that torment.kale grünkohl fail smoothie healthy eating food blogpost

Wilting kale.

Steamed and sautéed kale is a very classic German winter food and good as side dish along duck or other meats. People have been eating it here forever.

However kale also enjoys that recent hype as healthy super food and I had been dying to try some of the recipes. Curiously my local REWE (a German supermarket chain spreading like a virus) never sold any. Also forget about finding kale in the Turkish super.

Finally this year while doing groceries in another hood there were ginormous bags of kale for practically no money. My chance! Now I wish I had walked past…

Kale smoothies…kale chips…food of hell, seriously. That weird greeny aftertaste. I ruined so much fruit trying to overpower that taste in the smoothy hence the big portion but it’s so strong and while I was suffering Peter saw me and took pity.

You can’t imagine how my eyes lit and I tossed away fast the green purgatory as suddenly a heavenly bowl of apple Kaiserschmarrn drizzled with maple syrup appeared in front of me, hmmmmm! A breakfast difference of worlds. The originally Austrian Kaiserschmarrn (basically a ripped apart pancake) is full of carbs, fat and is not gluten-free but surely oh so comforting and filling that it made me feel much better than any kind of smoothie.

I don’t have a particular recipe so I’ll link to something. Additionally I strongly recommend not to dismiss on the raisins. I know many people don’t like them. Well, here’s the trick, just soak the raisins in some booze beforehand (most of it will evaporate during cooking) and they’ll get finely tender.




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