Haft Sin Collection by Hozan Zangana // Happy Nowruz

Haftsin nowruz Iran Tabriz New YearHappy Nowruz everyone!

That’s the Haft Sin at my aunt’s house in Tabriz. I think it is soooo pretty.

How much I had wished for more time and space so that I could have my own Haft Sin table. Maybe next year…

And as much I love these traditional versions, I think I am more a type of this one here by Hozan Zangana:

Nowruz Haft Sin Collection by Hozan Zangana white ceramicsWhat a minimalistic design in white ceramics and this in contrast to the dark vibe of the model. I am so amazed. I have never seen a Haft Sin like this as Iranians are usually more into embellishment and opulence. The designer Hozan Zangana originally stems from Iran maybe that’s why he is so daring to put something such simple out.

What do you think? Should Iranians go also the more sleek route like everyone else? Or stay true to our sense of horror vacui?

// Credits: Header pic by my lovely cousin Shima from Tabriz, Haft Sin collection by Hozan Zangana


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