My Pick For The Oscar Night 2015 And Featurette How To Make A Courtesan Au Chocolat

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The Grand Budapest Hotel Gif Zahnradbahn film movie Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson produces one wonderful film hit after another and each of them quickly gains cult status. Already on their release the used color schemes serve as good omen to the classic they’ll become. Choosing a favorite among his work…difficult.

The Grand Budapest Hotel Lobb Boy Page Ralph Fiennes Concierge Wes Anderson

Lobby Boy The Grand Budapest Hotel Wes Anderson Page Tony Revolori

Though I really have to say his last film visually sets itself so much apart. Not that Mr. Anderson usually doesn’t make a huge effort in his adorable detail work for which I admire him fervently.

The Grand Budapest Hotel front still snow gif zubrowka wes anderson film movie rose

Funicular Lobby boy The Grand Budapest Hotel Wes Anderson film Görlitz

But in this movie all aspects of Mr. Anderson’s broad mind finally come together in a perfect composition and build a picturesque superlative of visual aesthetics. The aesthetics alone besides the beautifully composed artwork of this movie delivered enough to make The Grand Budapest Hotel my favorite movie of last year. So it has already and rightfully scored a bunch of awards and is now nominated in an impressive amount of categories for the Oscars tonight. I will press all my thumbs (a German expression… Daumen drücken… we say that when we wish good luck) that it will sweep the boards.

For the realization of The Grand Budapest Hotel Mr. Anderson came to Germany then. I mean, of course he did! Only here on the borders to nowhere you still can find cities like Görlitz, the perfect setting for the film, and in Germany we do have powerful film funding organizations. Turning our heads to German cinema and actors it seems these funds hold their money tight but noooooo, dear readers. German film funding has always been very happy to sponsor American film making. Which is very fortunate in the case of Wes Anderson. A talented outlandish art film director who surely delivers a promising success won’t get shunned by our German film financiers. Local craft workers were very happy about that, too and helped create the detailed sets. The good thing is that the creators released a lot of additional promotion material in which the viewer gets a glimpse at how much went behind. I enjoyed watching them and curated a round up below so you don’t have to search through Youtube.


That first video is my favorite. I mean how incredible is that! A whole how to for those adorable little Courtesan au Chocolat. I am completely smitten with the Mendl patissery, it’s sweet pink design, pretty logo, artisanal bakery. They even have matching driving vehicles for delivery. It’s artwork is so complete as if Mendl really would do exist. Art director Adam Stockhausen reveals in this interview it took a long time to nail the origami cardboard packaging of the Mendl boxes. (Here he tells the secret behind)

I’ll follow that by Bill Murray and him stomping around Görlitz:

His role is not that big but important:

In-between a glimpse into the work with miniature sets.

Visual and artistic inspiration was also derived from Old Hollywood. Specifically of director Ernst Lubitsch:

Here is more privately shot video where we can see the actual work of the miniature set builders:

Read about Wes Andersons obsession with centering.

And here an Interview with the creator of the large-scale paintings that got used for some of the sets.

The Oscars get broadcasted here but the time difference would make me stay up all night. So only watching the highlights tomorrow for me then. What about you? Staying awake?


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