Crowd-Funding Art – Did You Know This is Possible?

Nicole de Cruppé Not/Aufnahme Maria Bohacek Berlin

No matter how much of a web nerd I consider myself sometimes I just still miss out.

A friend which happens to be also a super cool artist told me about her upcoming project during a summer picnic. She mentioned that realization would go via crowd funding. This caught me so much I requested getting updated about the process.

I really thought crowd funding was only something for regular businesses like mostly startups. Now that I have become enlightened it makes sense. Collecting money beforehand must be freeing as a lot of artists put all the money they have into their work without knowing if any revenue will result in the end or they just find some wealthy sponsors and cater to them which is not the best solution for quality of work.

Another benefit is people getting involved. Creating art is usually a lonely process and let’s not forget enjoying it, too.

The concept of my friend Nicole de Cruppé and her Kollektiv Not/Aufnahme* is now online at Visionbakery. I am a little late of telling you about it but there will still be the chance of taking part till end of October.

Nicole de Cruppé Not/Aufnahme by Maria Bohacek Berlin

Nicole de Cruppé Not/Aufnahme by Maria Bohacek Berlin

The project Erinnerung – Ode and das Menschsein will consist of an exhibition part and performances in Cologne and Berlin where the artists share images and their experiences about burnout and depression.

Füße Not/Aufnahme by Maria Bohacek

Looking at the pre-released pics the project seems promising and I am looking super excitedly forward to it. I will support the Kollektiv and here is the link if you want to do so, too.

Portraits Not/Aufnahme by Maria Bohacek

Go ahead and like the Facebook page and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment at Not/Aufnahme I’m sure the artists are happy to provide the interesting backstories of their images.

*This means basically emergency room in English.

// All images in this post courtesy of Not/Aufnahme and made by Emi Maria Bohacek.


2 thoughts on “Crowd-Funding Art – Did You Know This is Possible?

  1. It’s been going on for so long here in the U.S. that unfortunately there’s a sense of fatigue associated with artists attempting to fund projects via crowdfunding …


    1. Ah really, Azita! In adopting new web based ideas the U.S. is so often much more forward. Here crowd funding in general is still a very new concept and people are suspicious about it.


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