Talent Portrait: Tom Nti – A Visual Designer

Tom Nti Self Portrait Photography Visual Designer Köln Cologne Talent

On a recent trip I met visual designer Tom Nti. He is a young photographer from Cologne with lots of ambition and artistic standards.

Tom Nti Photography Visual Designer

We had seats next to each other and both worked on our projects. I noticed him doing pretty cool stuff on his notebook and started to talk with him. It turned out to be an inspiring conversation in which he expressed opinions about creativity similar to mine.

Tom Nti while telling me about his views I found him very fresh as he owns a raw, unspoiled energy and is aimed to not let himself down by the life-sucking grip of mediocrity to which so many of us fall in our everyday get along struggle.

Tom Nti Portrait Photography Visual Designer Köln Cologne Talent Spiders light

I really appreciate when someone is determined and wants to go his way no matter what odds. I know, who doesn’t? But in the end how often do you meet someone like this actually? In this city many talented artists I know are very introverted and afraid to put themselves out.

Tom Nti Visual Designer Urban Outfitters opening Cologne Photography Köln

Tom Nti is not opposed to fashion photography which sometimes has a hard Standbein in Germany. Good for him! These days photographers shouldn’t limit themselves to one genre and us fashion girls are hungry for artistic visuals, too.

This is the project he was at when I met him. A video look-book for Cologne fashion brand LeBest. The audio is also created by Tom Nti and the voice you hear is really his. Pretty cool, don’t you think? I would buy the song immediately if it was to be offered on ITunes. The result is slightly different from what I got to see. I suppose it had been adjusted to fit needs of the brand better. The whole clip is shorter edited and cuts have been changed, too. The original idea was to present from the view of a wild animal meaning for example the cuts would not fade out but instead close from up and down like eyes. I totally could see his intention and I liked it.

Tom Nti Photography Visual Designer Köln Cologne Talent Soul SistersThis photographer is definitely one to follow and I am curious to see in which direction he will further develop.

All images courtesy of the artist himself. Click each and you will be redirected to his website.


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