Get Into Poached Egg Heaven With Your Shakshuka

Poached Egg Shakshuka rice greek yoghurt

I am not a professional food photographer but hopefully you still can see the poached egg goodness going on in my lunch there. Hmmm.

Shakshuka or Melemen, it’s what they call it in Turkey, is one of my favorite meals. Besides from being absolutely delicious it can be prepped in about no time. And just like pizza this dish is open for variation, meaning add whatever your fridge offers on left overs, it’ll only get better.

Just at the end of the cooking crack an egg over the pan, cover with a lid and poach it while turning the heat off. The remaining heat will be sufficient.

I also sprinkled some Jalapeños on top which I had pickled myself just the day before.

As for the rice you see underneath usually Shakshuka is accompanied by bread but I am trying to cut down on gluten in my diet for a better skin condition.

Head over to the New York Times dining section on Youtube where the great red headed Melissa Clark will give you a mouth watering two minute video on how to make Shakshuka properly. As I said my recipe is slightly variated if anyone is interested in my take just leave a comment.


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