My Stealthy Freedom – Women Without Veil

My own stealthy freedom moment at takht e solemn in west-azarbaijan, Iran 2010
My own little Stealthy Freedom moment in Iran. (…Admitted it happened rather unaware)

Have you heard of the My Stealthy Freedom movement?

London based journalist Masih Alinejad has started it from her Facebook page where you can see pics of Iranian women lifting their scarfs more or less in public. This opposes law in Iran but nonetheless women keep sending pictures in. Some being quite risky like posing in city parks.

The stories behind the pictures are quite touching, too. And as someone who has spent a little time in Iran and in other middle eastern countries I can feel them.

As I always had the hardest time when we would be spontaneous at the sea or a great pool without segregated areas. The men would get almost naked and spring into the refreshing water while we women would have had to do the same in full clothing which we didn’t. Most times only our toes touched the blue of the sea.

My last visit to Iran was in 2010 where we did a round trip through all big historic sites. One really hot day in West Azarbaijan we visited the zoroastrian fire temple Takht-e Soleymān. Such an amazing complex of ancient buildings! Right after we went over to the nearby crate which is called Zendan-e Soleyman and to reach its top you have to do a little hike. In that heat it seemed like climbing a big mountain and as I was occupied moving upwards in my full black clothing and Converse chucks I just didn’t notice how my scarf fell off my head unto my shoulders. As I came aware, you know what… I simply didn’t care, my German co-travellers, too. There was no one else except for us as nobody comes there the heights of summer. It felt so freeing, in that moment Iran was a place like anywhere else in the world. Just us and a normal summer day in nature looking at old ruins.

Oh, how I miss that country…


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