Sunday Post: Thoughts On Olivia Palermo’s Wedding Past Weekend

It’s a lazy sunday partly spent just looking through pics of the last bygone days and as I am a really huge sucker for weddings I still drool over US socialite Olivia Palermo’s and our German export Johannes Hübl’s wedding moment past weekend.

The uber-stylish couple tied the knot officially in a civil wedding and played news agency afterwards spreading words themselves via Instagram and Olivia’s own website.

Since their big time short-clip announcement in December I anticipated eagerly huge features at Vogue, Martha Stewart and so on from their celebrations. In case you don’t know the couple, both are known for their great sense of style and impeccable clothing. Living a very public life and using social media for their fame it seemed like they would make a huge deal out of the nuptials.

Just that the exact opposite happened… still I am not disappointed. The two publicized images bear a lot more beauty and to analyze than some other wedding with hundreds and hundreds of pics and hour long videos.

He wore a perfectly fitted white!!! suit by his Hamburg based tailor Marc Anthony. Props to this tailor. White suits are never easy especially when they’re going to be worn by the groom. He not only managed not to look like an idiot but perfectly dapper. And I am even more impressed by his unconventional tie choice: a knitted blue Charvet tie. Very chic.

OP’s attire came from Carolina Herrera. The look was low key but nothing simple. In fact I think both looked very refined. Olivia wore shorts beneath her puffy layers of see-through tulle which seems a very edgy look for this upper-class bride and so appropriate looking at the sunny weather in the photos. Her hair and make up were not made up heavily instead she sported calculated messiness in a ponytail and a fresh face close to her usual appearance. And yet she looks so ethereal and even more bridal than anything perfectly powdered and polished could ever achieve. Somehow I think Olivia Palermo resembles a lot Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Don’t you think, too?

Remember the blue Manolo Blahnik shoes from the first Sex and The City Movie? Blue Satin with crystal embellishment and mid high heel? Since the movie they became iconic for a lot of brides to be.They’re so common it becomes unexpected again when a style icon like Olivia Palermo wears them to her wedding.

The-Final-Solo-Shot Olivia Palermo by Johannes Hübl
Back shot of Olivia Palermo at Bedford Park, New York. Cashmere sweater, tulle skirt and shorts by Carolina Herrera – shoes by Manolo Blahnik © by Johannes Huebl

To explain for my international readers. There is this tradition in the States where the bride needs to have something blue to wear with her. Be it a accessory, clothing or a token. A lot of women choose a garter for this, a whole lot of others choose blue shoes and them very often being this exact model of Manolo Blahniks. Proof? See here.

Johannes stated a hint that this was only ‘part one’… We shall see if there is more to come and feed us wedding inspiration hungry. Not that there is one to plan but one can still collect, no?



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