Summer Day Soundtrack

It is a lovely summer day up here in Cologne and I have been listening to this song over and over again:

Oh my! Those smooth summer vibes…

What a sweet girl Rita is! Her make up is always flawless and the styling totally spot on. A big 90’s flashback hipstery going on here with lots of playful skin flashing accompanied by Chanel and Moschino bling. Click here for a behind the scenes video where your eyes can linger a little longer on the outfits in between cuts. In private she sometimes goes a little wacky like down below. But that’s in Glastonbury, a time to get yourself as dirty as your Hunter boots.

Rita Ora, Hunter Chelsea Boots, Replay jacket, Turban; Glastonbury Festival Day 2, Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset - 28 June 2014
Rita Ora perfectly BoHo in Hunter boots, black Replay fringed jacket and of course the obligatory festival shorts.

Responsible for the uplifting dance-pop vibe of her last single is her now ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris. If the general style seems familiar to you, that’s because the clip was directed by Francesco Carrozzini who in the past has also worked with Beyoncé. I am not sure who to credit as stylist as I couldn’t find any names in my quick research but looking at the outcome it seems that Ritas stylists Kyle Devolle and Jason Rembert had their hands on.


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