Replays Comeback On The Eco-Friendly Jeans With New L.I.F.E Laserblast Technology

Campaign Replay Laserblast L.I.F.E EcoWarrior Aleksandra Orbeck-Nilssen


Since last week Replay has launched its new eco warrior campaign to promote their newest take in eco-friendly jeans. As you can see in the above image they take the campaign name really serious and show off a beautiful girl FEMEN style wearing the new Replay Laserblast L.I.F.E in the boyfriend cut being arrested by some pretty highly harnessed policemen. This is clever as it also transports the sexual vibe which alway comes in very handy in advertising denim.

Of course there is also a male counterpart, fortunately for us styled the same way:

Enok Groven Campaign Replay Laserblast L.I.F.E EcoWarrior

Ain’t this some piercing eyes? Reading through the press material it turns out those two are more than just pretty faces, they’re actual environment activists. Nice! And Replay supports their causes.

The cutie here is Enok Groven, founder of Fashion Against Climate Change, and the female protagonist Aleksandra Orbeck-Nilssen who is also an actress developed the Nanofasa Conservation Trust.

Replay also produced a cinematographic clip full of half naked, good looking people. It is advertisement but feels more like a Woodkid video clip located in a wonderfully green forest. With showing the aggressive movement I like that the viewer gets a good impression of the jeans look and fit. The male ones look en vogue, a little tight but not too much with a low waist. Interesting that Replay decided to not go mainstream in the female department. Right now where everybody is calling for the high rise Replay stays ‘conservative’ and only releases low waist. And the video proofs they’re not kidding marking the cut low waist. Watching it I was surprised not to see any butt cracks!!!

So what is it about this new technology that makes the new styles so eco-friendly? A few years ago Replay sold organic cotton jeans which are sadly nowhere to be found anymore. Using organic cotton fabric meant less pesticides in the growing process. But there are more ways to get jeans eco-friendly. As we all know creating distressed denim wastes and pollutes a lot of water in the process. First a lot of hazardous chemicals need to be used for coloring, bleaching, washing and printing. Then comes the sandblasting which is highly harmful for the factory workers.

Replay states that its Laserblast technology relies on a coloring technique using natural pigments of mineral origin giving the fabric a used look right from the beginning. For distressing they use laserblasting instead of sandblasting which is then followed by stone washing to soften the look.

I hopped over to the website and compared the looks. I have to say that I like the end results of the new technique much more than the regular distressed style. It seems more refined and smooth.

The price point is still very high but I think this brand makes a good step in the right direction and I appreciate that. If the end results harm the environment less and are beautiful, why not?

Now let’s hope that they’ll also make a comeback of the organic fabric then I will be completely sold.



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