The Artist Behind The Artist – Henrik Vibskov

Henrik Vibskov opening night exhibition of Vibskovski;72 at Ruttkowski;68
Mobile cam pic…

This is a mobile camera photo of Henrik Vibskov and me from his exhibition opening event.

It took me two glasses of bubbly to actually approach him and ask questions about his art. I think I mostly managed well. He was really nice and answered everything as you can see he even allowed me a photo.

I told him that his wall knit-art reminded me of Iranian nomad rugs and wanted to know if he knot them himself. That would really have knocked me out because it takes a whole lot of time and skills to get to this size and number.

It is very common especially under busy artists that have already made it to get their work done by their assistants, like for example Jeff Koons does. There is no shame in it, still the helpers usually never get mentioned.

And as a clothing designer Henrik Vibskov is surely already used to delegate the creational process of his ideas to others. This was also the case with the knits. He pointed me to a group of good-looking and fashionable people at the door and told me that they were his team.

Team Henrik Vibskov opening night exhibition of Vibskovski;72 at Ruttkowski;68 Cologne
Team Henrik Vibskov drinking local beer. Oh and that great colorful jumpsuit there in the middle… I could die for it.

I immediately took a photograph of them, too. To show you and acknowledge the people who stand behind the artist and help him to get big.

How nice of Henrik to take his team with him and share the success. Also how great is his clothing line! Found this shirt pic on Henriks Instagram:

I think it’s for male but would wear it immediately.

BTW really worth to follow him, look at that piece!!!


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