Gift Wrapping – The Eco-Friendly Way

Watercolor Birthday Card and Ecofriendly Gift wrapping

Let me show you my take on eco-friendly gift wrapping.

  1. Create a greeting card yourself. This might scare you but it is not difficult or time consuming. Just take some piece of paper or card board and write something nice. Even scraps would do as we live in the fortunate times of hipstery where unperfection is considered as artsy. If your just a little bit talented paint something on one side. Watercolor will always look beautiful. Then you will have invested your time in being creative and have more for actual gift shopping. Believe me, this will be appreciated.
  2. Now to the wrapping. Use brown kraft paper from a roll or news-paper if the present is bigger. A simple all-time classic I remember well from my childhood when Müsli-loving parents of classmates were already on the clean environment bandwagon. If the present is nice and tiny you can also just rip out a page of some glossy magazine like Vogue. Once packed it will look like regular wrapping paper.

    ecofriendly wrapping - rip out magazine page
    This is a nice print… Rip out a page and cut to liking.
  3. In the end just tie everything together with some hemp twine. There you have it then: a perfectly wrapped present with a bow and no bad conscience because as everything is biodegradable.

May the lavish decadence of gifting each other take on but from now on more in zen with nature and our wallets.


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