The Coolest New Swimwear Label

Hey folks, a new player of stylo beachwear arrived in town!

mymarini outfit fuchsia red bathing suit swimwear one piece

mymarini one piece flitter shop grau bathing suit swimwear

mymarini outfit bathing suit swimwear one piecemymarini one piece mymarini flitter detail shop mymarini outfit bathing suit swimwear one piece

Look at those swimsuits! I’m in love with them. The brand is MYMARINI, ethical swimwear made in Hamburg. A friend of mine which is befriended with the designer Mareen Burk hinted me to them.

I wish this label was already out two years ago when I was on a desperate month long hunt for a cute bathing suit that ended with buying a cool yet disappointingly low quality one from Anthropologie for 200 Euros!!! I knoooow that is a lot of money but you would have done the same after months and months of fruitless searching.

At that time options for girls refusing to wear a bikini were somewhat limited. Since then it has become better with labels popping everywhere. But it is still tricky to find a suitable swimsuit as it is a little known fact that there has to be put a certain amount of craftsmanship into the design of a non-wired swimsuit in order that nothing wiggles around. This will not happen with the MYMARINI pieces assures us the designer as all of her suits are double-lined which firms and acts slightly slimming, yay. The price point is almost as high as my Anthropologie one but the quality is way better, for sure.

I like that she uses ecofriendly fabric from Italy, you can read about it here, and prefers to produce everything in Germany by herself and her team so it is hundert percent ethical.

In fact Mareen has a background as graphic designer and surfer babe and this really shines through in her pieces. The best stuff has always come from people who now what they’re doing and develop stuff which they actually want to use themselves. Her designs are sleek and chic but still sporty enough to have fun at the beach. Personally I do like the focus on a high waist which gives everything also a little of the retro vibe that I adore so much.

This image is from the Facebook site:

mymarini outfit bathing suit swimwear one piece

And below a dreamy campaign pic of the brands bikinis photographed by Gordon Timpen.

My Marini Bikini Campaign pics by Gordon TimpenAnd after clicking through all the product pictures I noticed that the brand uses beautiful, fit models but doesn’t (over-)photoshop them. This is cool! First, it looks cool and second, it lets you better imagine how the suits would fit on yourself. Ain’t that great?

UPDATE: The site offers free shipping to the US!!!



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