2 thoughts on “Procrastination – Little Sticks Of Wood

  1. Thank you for your delighting comment! It’s so thoughtful. The perfect words to go along with this image 🙂

    And oh yes, the minimalist desk… I know that one, too. 🙂


  2. Besides my own studio desk which can go from a topography of the Great Plains to the Rocky Mountain chain in a matter of days – as a substitute teacher – I have the great pleasure of resting my materials upon many teachers desks. I’ve found that no two desks are alike. Some are loaded beyond with notes scraps, piles of paper…I imagine on these desks that the organization is found within the disorganization. Then there are the minimalists – where I struggle to find a scrap of paper to jot down a note…
    When we procrastinate – I think it turns artful by default…
    Great post, terrific insight and oh, so very true 🙂


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