The Color You Should Really Try On Your Eyes

On my last post I mentioned the green liquid eyeliner from & Other Stories and how much I long for it.

You may now think, green eyeliner… how difficult to use or does it even look good? Yes, if you opt for a darker one with no shine it will suit each and any type of skin and eye color.

A black feline flick will always be classy allurement however dark green is not less elegant but also a fun change for your everyday makeup.

& Other Stories YouTube channel once had that great application video but they took it down for whatever reasons. Thankfully Lisa Eldridge never fails us and she has a 10 minute tutorial on how to create a great eye with green liquid liner.

You could apply a regular flick for everyday or amp it up like Lisa with going full over the lid and if you follow her directions it is really doable. The full eye is great and I would never do that with black because that’s just so intense. With big eyes like mine it would be total black abyss whenever closing them.

I really hope & Other Stories still offers the liner when it opens up its store otherwise I will try this one from Bourjois although the color seems more pale.

Bourjois waterproof eyeliner kaki urbain

Sadly the Eyeko one which Lisa recommends is not available in green anymore and as far as I remember my favorite liquid eyeliner brand Guerlain doesn’t offer it, too. And maybe I have to take a visit to Kiko again, between their wide range of colors there should also be something for me.


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