Going Crazy About & Other Stories

By now every shopping addicted girl in the city has heard that & Other Stories is opening a store in Cologne soon. News broke to me last week and I got sooooo excited!!!

Seriously H&M is doing really great with this brand and I already own quite some of their stuff. Last year in Paris I checked the beauty collection and the leather goods and found almost everything convincing so I order them online without worrying too much. The clothes didn’t impress me as much though. They were mostly heavy synthetics and I’m usually not a fan of that. But then in December I immediately needed an affordable dress and & Other Stories was the brand of choice. A good choice, yes! The dress fits perfectly, the seams are neat and although a polyester fabric it doesn’t feel cheap or uncomfortable on my skin. Finally a store that can fill the gap for nice little dresses in this city which FCUK left when they closed down a few years ago. Also a quick look at their site proofs me that they have added a series of cotton and silk dresses by now, too. Oh, I love silk so much I hope it is not produced too scandalous, heard some bad stuff about the use of pesticides again.

Some time ago they had this great green liquid eye liner. It is marked as sold out online but maybe it will be available at the store. Gonna check that out at first definitely.

All the time we have to look over to you in the States for all the cool brands that you have there but for once we’re first! What do you think of & Other Stories, should they set up more stores?

Edit: Location will be Ehrenstraße 43.




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