Büro Für Brauchbarkeit: Wohlan! Noch Einmal!

Detail Lomme 3 - Dominik Sartor - Büro für Brauchbarkeit - Vernissage
Detail, painting Lomme

The Büro für Brauchbarkeit regularly features great artists at their exhibition rooms in Köln-Kalk. This is the other side of the Rhein, also sometimes jokingly called the wrong side of the river.

But nothing wrong with Dominik Sartor. A young resident artist with a wide range of works from paintings and installations to videos.

We went to his vernissage Wohlan! Noch Einmal! on friday and I really like his new stuff. Actually I lovvvve it!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The colors and arrangement of his paintings appeal very much to me and his constructions are fun and calm at the same time. Ah, words can’t describe, you have to go and see for yourself.

Exhibition is open until 11th of April.

Update: The wire light definitely does not belong to Dominik Sartors work


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