Land Of Beauty Mistakes

On my way through Bonn yesterday it happened that I walked by a few examples of beauties made up like this:

via Maskcara

Of course you can find those mistakes not only in Bonn. They’re quite common everywhere in Germany and obviously as you can see from the location of Maskcara’s Blog in the States, too.

This makes me wonder about the grade of beauty education in other countries because as hard as I’m trying to I can’t remember seeing this kind of bad make up for example in Paris. Or was my sight just blurred from the general excitement of being in Paris…

May be there is more such a thing like every country has their own special kind of false applied make up. Because in Iran you surely won’t spot a girl looking like the left side of above picture. Groomed appearance is soooooo important in Iran and girls have a special look they aspire to. Just sometimes they overdo it and end up with something like a scouse brow.

These sweet girls made a fun, slightly exaggerated video on how Iranian girls like to apply makeup. They talk mostly in Persian but it is still funny if you don’t understand any.

Fortunately there is no need to fall for a flat make up anymore. The times where girls mostly had to figure out everything on themselves are long over. Gosh, I cringe when I think of my extensive bronzer use in the 90s and how long it took me to find out the difference between face powder and bronzing powder.

The make up artist which took the before and after picture has a good blog where she will tell you a lot about the secrets of highlighting and contouring. Go and explore if you struggle with that.

And from all the millions of youtube tutorials the ones I recommend the most are Lisa Eldridge’s videos. She is a real celebrity make up artist oftentimes called goddess by her followers. With her always nice and beautiful style she keeps producing really helpful advice without bothering everyone with irrelevant information of her personal life which seems to be a widespread disease under youtube vloggers.

Now, I’m curious the girls I see on the streets running around like this girl in her before picture, are they actually as pretty as her after the makeover?


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