Getting Gifted And Gifting You

Last week a nice package from Rituals Cosmetics reached my door. Inside lots of good scented stuff in popping colors, yay.


The acetone-free nail polish remover and eye make-up remover came in immediate use and they’re pretty good.

Usually I prefer acetone for getting rid of my nail polish because it works quick and contains no additives like oil which if you paint your nails right after reduces its longevity. However this time I got convinced, especially the bath solution got me. And it was a happy coincidence that the eye make-up remover was included so I could swipe away the blue eye-liner I wore at Weiberfastnacht which is beautiful but also a tough job to swipe away.

You see the big pink jar in the picture above? This is a salt body scrub. I am so glad about that as I don’t need to worry again about teeny tiny plastic beads polluting our environment whenever I want to rub some of it on my skin.  I wrote about the Polyethylene issue here and here.

And now, my dears, I am happy to announce the very first giveaway for this blog! I decided to share this beauty package with you. The give away will contain the Happy Mist, Qi stress relief serum, Energy Bubbles and Hammam Mint Tea. Just leave a comment below or like this site on facebook and I will randomly select the winner next week on Tuesday, March 11th.*

Happy Mist, Stress Relief Serum, Energy Bubbles, Hammam Mint
Happy Mist Bed & Body Perfume, Qi Stress Relief Serum, Energy Bubbles Moisturizing Cream Bath, Hammam Mint Tea

Have a nice rose monday!!!

* Due to shipment this give away is open for Germany only. Despite this, if you really want to take part, I can send it anywhere in the world, you just have to be willing to take over shipment cost then.


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