Weiberfastnacht All Day Long

Cologne Carnival is still full on and I had my fair share at Thursday on Weiberfastnacht. Although the name suggest something happening at night it is actually more a cheerful day street party where you better appear customized or else feel really out-of-place.

Here carnival season starts at eleventh November the year before and reaches its peak on a Thursday usually in February. Followed by a few days full of parades through all boroughs of the city. People are very fond of the special music which is played during this time but for some people those sounds feel a little painful which is why you should consume a lot of beer then. Sadly February is still in winter and this year it rained so much, sometimes the scenes reminded me of Glastonbury Festival in Britain. Completely different from carnival celebrations in warm and thongful Rio.

Sorry for the chaotic backdrop. Next time I will do better.
Sorry for the chaotic backdrop. Next time I will do better.

This is a phone picture of me with my costume. I was supposed to dress up as Little Red Riding Hood but I couldn’t bear the shabby cape of my borrowed costume. So I quickly grabbed an Iranian silk scarf and incorporated it into a braided style in my hair. A little Frida-Kahloesque, don’t you think?

Karneval Porträt

For my face I didn’t want to go over the top. The heavy makeup and glitters you usually get to use on carnival are sooooo itchy. Fortunately I still possess this awesome Liquid Eye Liner from Kiko, a very non expensive Italian cosmetics brand. At their store opening two years ago I tried them out and this Liner proofed to be the bomb. The vibrant metallic color in electric blue gave me just the right amount of show stopping effect to my otherwise regular make up. Usually I struggle with applying Liquid Liner but this one is more gelish and the brush tip behaves well. Hmmm, maybe I should go and get more of this stuff…

kiko Liner


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