Carnival Peak

Tomorrow there will be Ausnahmezustand in Köln. I mean it! Exactly at 11.11 o’clock everything will be completely shut down. Anybody with some sense will immediately stop working except liquor sellers, of course.

You know why? Because it’s Weiberfastnacht. Yeah, women take over the city. This means bützing (kissing), ties will be cut off and partying from 8 in the morning till it gets dark. Oh, who am I kidding until the next day.

Actually I have stuff to do. Hopefully I will get through the hoards of drunk people to university and everything signed before office people have emptied too many champagne bottles.

But believe me afterwards I will also throw myself into the party crowd. My friend lent me a slightly slutty little red riding hood costume and I am determined to wear that thing.

To understand Köln mentality better you can visit this hilarious tumblr. Or watch this short video below, which admittedly won’t show you the hipsters I will be around with tomorrow 😉 If I don’t lose my phone, I can show you some pics later.


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