90s Flatform Sneaker Boot Revival Or Just Some Fashion Irony?

Now that New York Fashion Week is over quite a while and excitement has cooled down a little, it is the right time to discuss some of the fashions which were brought to us via all the busy bloggers and instagramers on-site.

This is exactly what my friend, let us give her a name in the way Garance Doré does in her blog… and call her Franzi, and me did the other day. I really wondered about the flatform sneaker boots at MBMJ, formerly known as Marc by Marc Jacobs. There was quite a buzz about this collection for various reasons. For anyone who didn’t follow, you can check the runway photos at style.com and below you see the shoes I’m talking about.

MBMJ ready to wear via style.com

Can you see it? At first sight they only seem like a regular high-top sneaker with weird stuff attached beneath. Look again…then you’ll see that again (I know it’s not easy but please direct your eyes on Geri Halliwell’s lower body parts):

Spice Girls had a big part making Buffalos popular.

Right! Do you remember? If you spent the 90s as a teen, I’m sure you will.

The ‘Buffalos’ were pretty big here in Europe, were they in the States, too?

As a reminder this particular kind of footgear was the epitome of cool. Almost everybody in school had them. When you were poor at least one pair in black and those better off would be gifted with one in every color by their parents, or so. In the beginning introduced by a few already working kids in the senior classes we laughed our asses off at the awkward look they sported, but trend had us pretty quick. At the end even boys started to wear them! It is not understandable why, these shoes were not only completely un-pretty they were also heavy, uncomfortable to walk in and badly made.

Hmmm, the last one I take back. Bad quality was never a reason for a teen to back off from something…

Slightly after the Buffalo trend reached its high I was able to convince my parents to gift me a pair as birthday present. They were unwilling but I was very determined and got my will at the end. Fortunately I sprang off this trend wagon in time. I just soon realized that you could have more success in attracting boys by not wearing hooves on your feet. Not that I encourage boy pleasing behavior in general but sometimes it can save you from looking ridiculous in photographs all the time. I still have some pics wearing Buffalos hidden somewhere… Don’t ask me to show them. I will do that only if this gets a real trend.

Seriously, first I thought the two cool designers at MBMJ were playing some jokes on the fashionistas out there. That they don’t mean it seriously only to see who doesn’t either and will dare to wear those in the fashion circus. A quick google and pinterest research shows me I am not the first to notice the sneaker flatform revival. Yeah, obviously we are right in the middle of a comeback and they can’t be too wrong. A few weeks ago I saw a 16-year-old girl in the subway sporting some original Buffalos. Me doof, then I thought she was only a crazy teen.

Although I have to admit the MBMJ footgear above looks not bad, I really hope the rest of the remakes will also be made of better quality than the Alien resembling submarines we put over our feet in the 90s.

Are you as curious as me if the bulky flatform sneakers will hit teens as hard as then?


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