Cologne Series: ‘Stellen’ by Daniel Weissbach

Photo by Nils Müller
Photo by Nils Müller
Photo by Nils Müller #DanielWeissbach

The third part of this weeks Cologne Art Series continues with Berlin artist Daniel Weissbach and his latest work series ‘Stellen’.

Daniel Weissbach created a collection of objects and paintings which resemble known features of urban life but have become deconstructed by the artist. The paintings are Acryl on Canvas looking like subway tiles, some with remnants of inadequately removed graffiti revealing their disturbing messages again through pictures only.

He succeeds in keeping the geometry of his templates but at the same time putting eye-catching 3D movement in which results in a slightly stomach turning trompe l’oeil effect but yet so fascinating that you can’t turn your eyes away.

The showpiece which impressed me most, I admit mainly because of its size and color combination, is a weighty brick construction which seems like an extracted piece of wall. The array of bricks is hard to describe but somehow I had to think of houndstooth… Maybe because I like that pattern more than I should… The object is very heavy and covered with dirt and soil which makes it seem like it has just been ripped out of an old building and out of the back floats a beautiful contrasting cloud of soft cotton balls.

I love me art like this: The moment you enter the room the works seem simple and graphic, so very powerful. Then you take your time and a subtle beauty and an opportunity to explore a world of details opens up for the beholder.

Ruttkowski68 will be showing ‘Stellen’ up onto the 23rd of March and you can definitely drop in and have a look by yourself.

This is the gallery exhibition video. (You can even see me a blink of an eye long, I’m the one with the rose-colored pants)


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