Cologne Series: Fracta Symmetry

Fracta Symmetry


Last Thursday Jonathan Haehn and Byram Tunez showed some of their art at the little Mischpoke café located in the Belgische Viertel.

Mischpoke has a back room where the artists hung their metal wire object painted with pink neon color from the ceiling. They used black light so that the wires would glow heavily in the dark. A Pretty cool effect and really unexpected from a café location like that. Everything was underlined by a DJ playing smooth electronic beats. The night could have continued next door at Arty Farty Artspace with more music and late drinks but I passed since the next day I had to wake up really really early.

It was a spontaneous decision to go and have a look at Fracta Symmetry and we had a lot of fun looking at the creation and talking with the people. So don’t feel intimidated next time when you happen to come by a nice little café in your city showing some stuff to the public. Just go inside and have some fun, too.

Fracta Symmetry

By the way I saw that Mischpoke sells pastrami sandwiches!!! That is new to Cologne and I need to go and test them. Will tell you about that.


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