Speaking of Hidden Plastic

Now that I have become aware of the problems caused through the use of Polyethylene I am really surprised at which brands this stuff is to be found.

KIEHL'S Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub
KIEHL’S Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub

Under that topic I decided to post about a clear product fail of high end skincare brand KIEHL’S. Yes, a point with the finger in the direction of KIEHL’S FACIAL FUEL Energizing Scrub. This Scrub is aimed for men and it was part of a Christmas gift set we received. As my BF has amazing skin and I would never allow ruining that with sanding it down I wanted to try the scrub myself. Like always I first looked at the ingredients list just out of interest. My eyes got wide seeing it contained Polyethylene at second! range in the list. Thanks KIEHL’S for ripping my relatives off their money by selling them mostly water with shredded plastic.

I mean you can’t expect a lot of cheap drugstore cosmetics. In order to make them widely affordable they often use substitutes. But KIEHL’S is an expensive brand, playing with an apothecary image and high class store design. Polyethylene is the cheapest of all abrasive particles and at the same time the most expensive to clear out of the environment. Funny how companies propagate us more health and beauty while at long term they actually harm us.

It was not an easy decision to put out a rant like this, especially concerning a brand I once liked very much, but this issue is too important as to let it go. Cases like this should remind us that no matter which image and philosophy brands in whatever price league try to propagate,  we also should take a second or two and check the ingredients list beforehand. There are plenty of natural alternatives for micro plastic beads like nut shells, pomegranate seeds etc. Some are critical for people with allergies but at least they don’t contaminate our water and food.

So now, tell me what shall I do with that scrub as I can’t use it. I think I have to throw it away. Garbage recycling here in Germany works pretty well but still… what a waste!


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