Transit Line Tile Art

Almost everyday I have to use the Cologne Subway. Sadly the station design is somewhat depressing especially compared to this colorful tile art in New York:

Bedford Parc Boulevard
Bedford Parc Boulevard Station photo by Robbie Rosenfeld

Isn’t this nice? The link provides you with a little more information about the artist Andrea Deszö and more pictures of her creation.

Apparently it is not unusual for the city of New York getting real artists designing the interior of subway and train stations. ( Click through the site and you can also see the work of the other artists, too.) Of course there are similar programs here in Germany. As whenever a public space is built a certain amount of money has to be invested in art to be displayed in the same space, but usually these become so heavy and abstract that hardly anyone can attest them a beautifying effect.

However I have to admit that Andrea Deszö has created the most appealing design of the whole project with the other artists being more modest in their color choices.

Here is a detail photographed by the beautiful Erin from Reading My Tea Leaves

Andrea Deszö

This is sooooo sweet. I liked it so much it inspired me to recreate parts of it in a painting by myself.

Now you know what my banner is about.


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